I've been called back for another colposcopy :-(

Hi everyone,

I'm so worried right now and hoping that you can ease my mind. I had a smear in December last year and I had severe high cells. I had some thermal treatment and a biopsy taken and was told the results were grade 1 (I was confused as letter said severe but was told this is common).

Fast forward 6 months and I've had another check up colposcopy (where the nurse said my cervix has healed beautifully and said looks fine) but my smear has come back as severe high cells (moderate in brackets) What does this mean? I'm so confused and not looking forward to having more treatment. She said that they may have missed some cells but I'm worried they have grown back :-( What are the chances of me having cancer? Im

I'm having such a bad time in my life right now and really could have done without this extra worry.


Thanks for reading.

i had high grade had them removed and they want me back even though they look normal all you can do is be pleased they are checking and they will get rid of anything they find. x