Iui treatment

Hello ladies,

im starting IUI treatment in August. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same treatment??

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Hi there

Congrats on the next step of your journey. I had more radical surgery than you so I will never be able to carry my own child but we are looking at surrogacy as I kept my ovaaries and have been offered a round of ICSI to generate embyros to freeze for use later.

My ovaries were moved during my surgery to protect them from radiation if it had turned out that I needed it - however I didn't - thankfully. In order to assist with egg collection my fertility consultant is proposing that my ovaries are moved back and I've got a meeting with my gyane consultant/ surgeon next week to discuss.

I notice from your signature that you have lymphoedema in both legs - me too!!! It's terrible isn't it. I have it really bad and wear compression tights, a thigh high and a toe sock. Anyway, what I'm wondering is what advice you were given re any drugs that you will have to take for your fertility treatment? Did you discuss the possible risks/ complications with your consultant?  I have, and my fertility consultant didn't seemed to be too bothered, but so few doctors actually know anything about lymphoedema I'm not entirely convinced she has any experience of it. Did you get anywhere with yours??

Good luck .Smile




Hello Nina.

im not on here very much so only just seen your reply. I'm sorry to hear about the surgery you had it seems we had the same stage cancer. It always surprises me the different steps they take.  Well I underwent my first IUI cycle, I had to have internal scans and and then my husband gave his sample and it was injected through a catheter in to my uterus. We had a drug free cycle this time but I don't think I produced enough folicles (only 1) so next time I'm guessing it will be with drugs. I'm in a similar position to yourself really, I find most doctors know nothing about Lymphodema and the effects that the drugs or the pregnancy alone will have on me.  I am worried about being in pain again and it taking a toll on me. I have given surrogacy a thought also.   I wear stockings too, there really uncomfortable but they seem to help with the swelling but not the pain. Over the last 6 years the Lymphodema has gotten worse How about yours? 

Do you take any pain medication for your legs or is it mainly the swelling for you? 


Nice to to hear from you too


liz x