It's worth the fight

Hello ladies, I just wanted to share a little as it always has been comforting for me to read people's good news made me stronger and happy to know there is always hope. 


I was diagnosed with stage 2b2 cervical cancer in april of last year, I then had 25 radiation and 5 chemo I also did 4 brachY. Scans all sowed my tumour had shrunk a great deal now to wait as radiation takes time to work. I had my three month first check up came and my doc was very happy showed a small shell that was likely to be the aftermath of radiation but all looked clear. My back was sore and they determined I likely had small fissures or cracks in my sacrum from radiation. The doc then told me he would have an mri book in April. For some odd reason I wasn't comfortable with this and I begged him to book it in January before my next 3 month appointment for my own peace of mind. He did follow though and booked it. Over the next couple months my back continued to get worse and I started to have pelvic pain and cramping. I had some bloodwork and cystoscopy to check the bladder. Everything kept coming back normal. I was given more pain killers from my family doctor and oncologist. My mri came in January and I couldn't wait to get in cause I knew something just wasnt right. Results came back turned out my sacrum was fully fractured and my tumour was basically back to its original sized just a different shape. It was now blocking one of my ureters causing swelling in my kidney, it was right next to my bladder and pushing full force into my back and rectum. My family was in complete shock I however was not and was ready for the next step cause I needed this thing out of me!!!! So tuesday the 17th of February I had a pelvic exenteration my bladder had to be reconstructed but was able to be saved, I was left with an ileostomy that will be reversed in 6 months, basically everything else was also removed. I had a team of surgeons (all wonderful) the durgery was 8 hours and I was stuck in recovery for 6.5 hrs because my epidural wore off. It's been a long road with a lot of ups and downs, a lot of tests to be sure what's left is functioning and stable(It's all perfect at the moment)It's only been 11 days and I sm still recovering i know it's going to be tough and there are days I really get down but the fight, the pain, the tears it's all worth it to be here with my husband my family and my friends. Everyone has been amazing and wonderful.

All around margins are totally clear and the cancer is all gone!!!

so my message to you is fight it it's possible, it's worth it. BREATH!! Always keep hope alive stay positive and be thankful for everyday. I send all of my strength and prayers to all of you keep your heads up, be strong and look forward.

Good luck with the recovery. Dont you worry about your ileostomy a small price to pay! Sounds like your fighting fit :)

Hi Meicha

What a wonderful inspiring post.  You sound so strong and positive which is fantastic after all that you have been through.  I wish you all the love, luck and happiness in the world, you so deserve it.  Go girl!

Big hugs


What a fantastic post.  It just goes to show, how ever hard cancer wants a fight, we can always give it a kick in the butt.

You are in my prayers.

Love and hugs.

Hi Meicha :-)

What a fabulous up-beat post. Thank you so much for sharing. Wishing you all the very best and happy times with your husband, family & friends.

Cheryl has already nicked all the best words ;-) so I can only repeat them

Go Girl!



Yes,  very best wishes with your recovery, ;-) xXx

WOW! Well done you for staying so upbeat.Brilliant to read :-)

All the very best for continued recovery and a long healthy future

Take care

Becky x