It's so good to have this site to come too :)

Hi, i'm in my 40's and had abnormal smear test results about 15yrs a go but since then they have been ok up until now. 

I had the smear test last week and this morning got a phone call from the hospital to say that the cells are now at

the severe level and i need the colposcopy next week.  After speaking to the hospital and the doctors and being told to

research cc treatment i had started freaking out quite a lot but after reading many of your posts it looks as if it may not

be as bad as i was being led to believe.  Still rather worried but not quite so much as earlier on so thank you for

sharing your experiences ♥

Hi Jules

Welcome to Jo's though I'm so sorry to hear of what you are experiencing.  There are loads of positive and helpful stories here and the ladies who post are wonderful and very supportive.  Whatever your treatment ends up being, you will not be alone - there is bound to someone who will have gone through the same or very similar and can advise how to deal with the the different stages of the journey.

Please keep us posted on how you get on and don't hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have.



Hi Jules

I am in a similar age range to you, in my case normal smears all my life up until this year, when I got hit with an abnormal one and ended up having colposcopy and LLETZ. I agree that if you just start trying to research it yourself the results tend to be unduly alarming!

For the most part, this seems to get resolved without too much trouble (she says with fingers crossed, hoping that the 6 month smear results show 'move along now, nothing to see here!"

Good luck for your colpo, hope all goes well



Hi Jules,

I hope this reassures you. I'm 44 and had my first abnormal smear (severe) back in 2003 - CIN III. I had colposcopy followed by LLETZ treatment and all was well until October last year when my smear results came back as "mild changes". I was asked to wait 6 months and have a repeat smear. This showed severe changes so I again had colposcopy followed by LLETZ treatment. My results came back as CIN III with clear margins (go me!). I now go back in December for another colposcopy to check all is well.

Please don't freak out as what you're going through is quite common and you can be very easily treated. Colposcopy is just like having a smear test but lasts a teeny bit longer. If you do require treatment and have LLETZ, this is nothing to worry about as it really isn't that bad at all. Believe me, I'm a total wimp and I found it all okay.

This forum is just the best. I've been either posting or lurking on it since 2003 and you couldn't find a nicer or more informed group of sisters so please, use it to your advantage.

Wishing you all the best for your colposcopy appointment. Please do keep us updated.

Much love & peace

Peanut x