It's shrunk! advanced CC

Hi guys I've not been on here for a while as I've been really poorly - I'm ok now though!

As some of you know I was diagnosed with advanced cancer on 3/3/15 - I've had 7 sessions of chemo, 28 sessions of radiotherapy and I'm having bracatherpy at 3 sessions and have 2 to go.

I was so poorly 3 weeks ago as I was having chemo and radiotherapy at the same time it made me so poorly where I couldn't stop throwing up and I couldn't physically eat I wasn't hungry and I couldn't eat anything I put into my mouth due to this I lost a lot of weight not that I had it to lose (I've gone from a size 16 to a 6/8) - my mum was so worried about me she demanded to see my doctor which happened and she too was so worried as I couldn't walk I was so weak, she thought that the cancer had spread and she mentioned stopping all treatment and we'll.....

I had a mri scan to "confirm" this so when I next say her and I walked into the room (before I sat down) I was told it's good news (I stopped breathing for a moment!) The cancer has shrunk!!!!!

The "before and after" images show the cancer was the size of a melon (looked and felt like it - I use to feel the weight of it inside of me) and now it's the size of a pea!!!! Happy is not the word!

I wanted to share this with you to prove that if I can get to this stage with advanced then you ladies can too! We're hoping that the bracatherpy kills it off or at least makes it smaller so that I no longer have to worry....I possibly will always have cancer but as long as I'm winning and it's not then I don't care.

I've had a positive attitude throughout (I've felt like giving up, screamed, cried and planned my funeral at one point!) But I've got there!

So good luck with your battles ladies and I am determined to keep winning mine xx

That's brilliant news :D  well done you :D xx

Wonderful news xxxx

Wow that's so wonderful to hear!! Yay.  :) and gives me hope for me

Oh Carmel I cannot tell you how happy I am to read this! I have been extremely concerned about you and only yesterday was thinking about sending you a message to ask how you are, though I don't like to intrude. I am very sorry to learn how desperately poorly you have been but from the size of a melon! To the size of a pea! That is just astonishing!

Very many congratulations and keep fighting the fight!
(((((HUGE HUGS)))))


Amazing news!!! I am so pleased for you and it sends a positive message to the rest of us on this journey x

Wow thats fantastic news big hugs x

Wow Carmel that is just fabulous fabulous fabulous!! Go you!! I am a 4 B girl and loving hearing your news! My story will be on my signature but now over surgery next has been starting chemo 3 just 2 days ago will last 18 weeks then final radiotherapy after that like yours. So important for you to keep hope, stay involved and active in your own care and use all the strategies you can to boost your immunity beyond the medical care of course. There is an amazing amazing book that has been transforming my approach by Bernie Siegle (available on amazon) called Love, Medicine, and miracles. He is a surgeon and the book is filled with stories of what he terms exceptional cancer patients showing the amazing difference that you can make using "mind" strategies especially stress reduction, looking after yourself and putting your own health first, and getting the benefits of love, support and positivity from all directions - and how this can genuinely boost and make amazing differences to your bodies natural immunity literally to fight cancer cells and extend time beyond any set limits. Do get it! I am trying to do a short meditation app I got on my phone every day (very easy called Take a Break and has nice 7 minute or 15 minute guided relaxation/ visualisation sessions as well as a longer one I also found free to download. Feeling achey with the taxol and food a struggle but am battling through and taking many anti sickness meds! Feel free to PM me anytime or use this or the advanced forum or this one don't mind at all . Love Bunny xxx remember you are amazing!!!

That's fantastic news!! Reading your news has raised the goose bumps and reduced me to tears. 

Keep winning and stay strong xx



amazing news I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing that as I think hope and positivity is infectious And ur story has certainly brightened my day and emphasised the importance of being positive.

well done hon

kimmy x

Wow what brilliant news and so amazing to read. Congratulations , take care. Samantha. :-)



Thank you guys your words have made me smile.....I'm glad that my journey will help others in there fight xx 

If anyone would like to ask me anything you can I don't mind I am very honest about my own journey - either on here or inbox me I don't mind.

We're stronger than we think always remember that xxx

What amazing news - you must be over the moon!  Thanks for sharing with us all and good luck with the reamainder of the treatment!

Fantastic news. Xx

Proper amazing story sending you lots of love xxx 

such a positive story, xx 

such a positive story, xx wishing you all the best 

Fantastic news, I am so, so pleased for you.  Go girl!

Big hugs


YAY!!!! Great news.

All the best

Becky X