It's not very often I post.... however...

I occasionally come on and read posts…

I was diagnosed / treated in 2002 - radical hyst and radiotherapy… and used Jo’s lots at the time.

Over the years I’ve moved away, as people do.

However, last week I discoverd a lump in my neck and absolutely freaked. What did I do… I came back to Jo’s. At first I decided to bury my head in the sand (as I’m due to go on holiday next week) but last night I read a post which was from somebody (sorry, I’m not sure who posted) but they said they had been to the USA and their holiday had been spoiled by not knowing what was wrong… so I decided to bite the bullet, make an appointment and see my GP… which I did today. My boss at work (who is a consultant psychiatrist) and my GP both think it’s nothing sinister but I am going to get the lump removed.

My love and thanks again to Jo’s… and a major thanks to whoever the post was about their holiday in the USA… you made me take some action… I thank you with love. xx

Janie xx

Bye x

oohh hun

hope your ok xxx and wow jos trust works in miracle ways ehh enjoy ur holiday thinking of you debi x :smiley:


I was excited to see your name - I’m also from the 2003 days, I dont post very much at all any more, but look in now and again.

I’m so sad that you’ve got a new symptom to worry about. Have you seen the doctor yet? Is there any news? I think about you and the ‘old’ girls often!

Wishing you so much luck!

With love

Den x