Its Not All Bad.

I’m 26 and I had my first smear test on 14th January, 1 Week after my test I received a letter to say I had High Grade Dyskaryosis.

I immediately started to worry as I didn’t know much about what it meant. I found this website and looked through other peoples experiences and I found it very reassuring, mainly because I realised it was quite common.

I was referred to the hospital for an examination and a punch biopsy on 29th January. Although this was uncomfortable, there was very little pain. I found that the main part that hurt was the speculum! The doctor couldn't see any CIN at all but did the punch biopsy anyway to make sure.

I was told that at the end of every month the doctor and the people in the lab who test the smear, have a meeting to discuss all the results. At this meeting they would decide if my smear results should have been High Grade Dyskaryosis or not.

A few weeks later after worrying and overthinking everything, my results came back and the punch biopsy came back as clear. I was very relieved and after a few days all the worry disappeared and I was back to my normal self.

However last week I received a letter to say I would need to go back for a Loop Biopsy under a local anaesthetic and all the worry came back! I did the stupid thing and googled “Loop Biopsy” this was a mistake.

Yesterday was the dreaded day! The doctor informed be that at the monthly meeting, the people in the lab were sure that I had High Grade Dyskaryosis, so they would go ahead with a small loop biopsy to check for any CIN further in my cervix.

In all honesty I had nothing to worry about at all. I found it to be very painless, apart from the dreaded speculum! I could hardy feel the injection and it was over before I knew it. I was a little shakey afterwards more because I think I was very tense and worried beforehand, I went home to rest and had a little bit of stomach ache but paracetamol took it straight away.

I’m now back playing the waiting game for 4 weeks but I have decided not to let it worry me. There’s nothing I can do in the meantime so why work myself up over something that could be fine.

I hope this helps anyone worrying about biopsies, don’t believe all the horror stories.




Thanks Nikki for a lovely reassuring post :-) 

Hope all goes really well for you

Be lucky


Thank you soo much...I'm nervously awaiting my colposcopy after recieving a letter saying I have high grade dyskaryosis 

Hi girls

i have a colposcopy booked for this Monday so I am feeling a little anxious. My main worry is they will find something very wrong, it was also my first smear test and wishing now that I had booked it sooner. 

I have a 3 year old little boy as well and I'm thinking the worst that I won't get to see him grow up! Sorry for the dramatic post!

hope all goes well with your rests

Emama x

I wouldn't worry about it just yet. You would be amazed at how common it is. As i said i receieved a High Grade Dyskaryisis result but there were no signs of any CIN. They just like to check everything to make sure, which is very reassuring. 


The nurses in this department are also very friendly and keep you talking to put your mind at ease. Although its an uncomforatble and embarassing situation I found it painless!


Try to relax and not over think it until you have something to definatley worry about. 



Got my results from the Loop Biopsy and I did have CIN 3, even though the doctor didnt see anything and my punch biopsy was fine.

However becasue the treatment for this is usually a loop biopsy, I dont need to have anything else done.

Back in 6 months for another smear, phew!