It's done!

Hello ladies. Well thought I'd give a little update to my story. So on the 23rd June I finally got TAH. Didn't go to smoothly. B4 I went under I told surgeon about the pains in my hip and told him I was convinced it was the clips from sterlisation. So he says he'd have a look. He started the op laprascopically but confusingly he couldn't find my cervix and while digging around I started losing lots of blood. So he stopped and then cut me open. When he did find my cervix he said it was a "mess" -whatever that means-  so he removed cervix, uterus , and both my tubes. Leaving both ovaries.  After the op apart from being sore, the thing I found most was I was exhausted.  Struggled to keep my eyes open. I think I talk gibberish for 2 days ;) (my husband says that's normal) haha! By the Wednesday though the trapped Wind started. Oh My Word!!! That was painfull. I started being sick aswell. It was awful. But by the Friday I seemed to be coping and got sent home. It's now a week on and I'm now back in hospital. Got severe wound infection on my scar. Been shivering sweating being sick. And the actual scar is agony. So on drips. Hopefully see an improvement in couple of days. So that's that! Get results back on 17th. Hopefully it's all fine. Least i can ask him again what he meant by "messy" cervix. But I am feeling closer to the journey/ordeal coming to an end. One great thing that has come out of all this is my hip now has no pain!!! It's great, no more limping and groaning!! So must a been the clips! Or just a fortunate coincidence.  Looking forward to having my body back. 

Thanks for reading. Hope all you ladies are doing as best as you can be. 

Big hugs

Sparklz x


Hi Sparklz

Wow, that's quite a story and it sounds like you have really had a bad couple of weeks.  Hopefully you are on the mend now and fingers crossed you will see a big improvement soon.  I ended back in hospital after my op but for a different reason.  The wind is painful isn't it - everyone tells you it will be but when you experience it, OMG!!

Really hope you get good results from your op and that's great news about your hip pain.

Good luck with your recovery.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Thanks Cheryl. Yes the wind is awful...wouldn't wish that on anyone. I've had 4 sections and never had wind like that. Bowels trying to get back to normal. Did anyone else experience sluggish bowels for weeks after, if so it will improve yes?  :( xxx


It took weeks to months for my bowels to recover but be reassured they did get back to normall.  However, I do eat more fibre now after going through all the pain of trapped wind and constipation, I don't EVER want to experience it again so can sympathise!!!!

Sounds like you've had a tough time, glad to hear you're improving :)

Best wishes

Kirsty x