It's been a while...

Hello ladies,
It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here! Been trying to lead a ‘normal’ life and not dwell too much.
I’m having a few issues that I will bring up at next consultant meeting:
*frequent numb feet (chemo side effect)
*weak bladder - not wetting myself but enough to make me change a couple of times a day! Have got a urology appointment but don’t really want to go.
*i don’t have scans, no more smears…just internal examinations (joy) and I sort of feel that that’s not enough? Does anyone else feel like this?

  • possible TMI
    Frequent needing to have a bowel movement and it has to be immediate. Sometimes with a clear mucus like substance :confused:

Still dealing with the infertility and OH and I haven’t been intimate at all.

The joys!


Hi Sweet Pea

Site keeps crashing when I sent a longer message, so will get back to it later. Tried twice now!

So sorry to read this Sweet pea :-(

There's nothing I can say that is helpful so I hope that your consultant listens when you raise these issues.

Sending you hugs for want of anything better ;-)


Hi sweet pea! I have the same mucus thing, although it is much better now than before, I was told IBS. Not worrying about it as it is not getting worse, and only happening half the time now! I think some foods set it off but I am unsure which ones. I did have a major bout after drinking some freshly squeezed orange juice... xxx

Hi Sweetpea.

I have the mucus thing too :/ I did read this was a side effect of radiotherapy. I must admit it was worrying me as not many people mention it. Reading your post there are a few things we have in common so please know you aren't alone. 

I can't wait for my urology appointment...I know it might not be easy for you but hopefully it will help any bladder issues we have. 

The follow ups being internal examinations only are more common than you think...i searched the forums and wrote a post and it was discussed on there if you want to see more.

Hope you feel better about things soon.

Cara xxx

Hi Sweet Pea,

There seems to be such a wide variation of follow up schedules out there. I too am on internals now and to preserve my sanity, I have to trust that my body knows if anything has changed and then I flag it up to the team early on. Like you, and several others, I have had bowel and bladder changes. Bowel urgency seems to be here to stay, and the bladder issues are more about lacking any feelings to signal that I need to go! My referral to urology just suggested doing more pelvic floor exercises, but that has not really helped. I'm afraid that late effects are parr for the course, but are a very unwelcome nuisance. It does help to know that you are not alone though, and at least we can share our symptoms and realise that most of them are quite normal. Hope you manage to get some answers soon. X

Hi Sweet Pea,

I suffer from similar problems too. I have the mucous discharge on and off. It was reddish brown at one time and got me so worried I went for a colonoscopy. Turns out to be haemorrhoids. My bladder isn't functioning too - have to go toilet every hour which is frustrating. Do flag your issues out to your consultant. Hope they can be properly managed! Feel better soon! hugs!

Thanks all for your comments, I am sorry we are in this sorry situation but it does help to know I am not alone! 

I am a little less worried now and have had my consultant appointment through for next month too.