It's back?

I went in to the OBGYN for back and thigh pain and pink tissue discharge. I then had my first abnormal pap smear in January. It came back as HR HPV positive and ASC-US. Then I had a colposcopy where the doctor said she saw nothing but took three biopsies anyway. That came back as CIN 3 in two of the spots taken. ECC was negative. Had a LEEP in May and the doctor said she got clear margins.

I’ve had lots of spotting and weird periods since then along with a big bleed during sex. My periods have been a lot longer since the LEEP, 14 days instead of 7. I had my six month follow up pap smear in November. This month I missed my period completely. I’m having all the symptoms of PMS but no bleeding at all. I’m over a week past due for my period and two pregnancy tests have come up negative.

I finally got my pap results (took over six weeks in the US! For reference, I got my last pap results nine days after my pap.) and they came back as HR HPV still positive and now I have ASC-H. I’m so overwhelmed and frustrated, I haven’t gotten a call from the doctor yet, just saw it through my portal. Anyone else experience this?