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Holly Jack HOLLY JACK born 1987, diagnosed 5 july 13 after 1st pap smear 4 months after giving birth of 3rd child. had an immediate loop which left no visible growth and no other evidence of cancer in body. Biopsy results showed small cell, ade, and carcinoma. Told i did a hat trick! Had two rounds of etoposide/cisplatin then 25 rounds of radio with cisplatin 5 times during this. Had 3 brachytherapy, then started etoposide/cisplatin for another round. This round caused me to have a mild heart attack as my heart was so weak that it pumped faster and weaker. From this i couldn't have my last round. So finished treatment nov 13. Had a wonderful xmas and birthday then had my 3 month post treatment scan. Got results week later. I now have mets to lymph nodes but cervix is still clear. SHOCK! I was not expecting it as i didn't have any signs of cancer before all the treatment so why now after? I have just had a ct guided biopsy (7 march 13) of the paraaortal region as we don't know what type of the cancer has returned due to me having all three. Having dna testing on it aswell. Now just waiting for a phone call to have another meeting with specialist regarding results. I was told they can not cure me just treat. Since then i have cut out all sugar and looking into natural supplements. I have a husband of 9 years a 5, 3 and 1 year old child and i can not leave them. Staying strong and positive and want to be a sister who defies all the odds against me. To make things worse i lost my grandad on 5 march 13 age 85 within 1 month of his cancer diagnosis. I know he is looking down and helping me through this. RIP grandad love you forever. Xxxxx

Hello Holly. So sorry to hear of your diagnosis.  I can understand your shock especially as you'd no symptoms, but sometimes that's the way it is - you get no warning at all.  

I hope you can stay strong & positive - the treatment is strong stuff too and can bring many benefits to you,  I hope you can stick it, it will be so worth it to be there for your children & husband.  You can defy the odds too - who knows what way it will go for you - Never write yourself off!!

God Bless you



So sorry to hear of your diagnosis & journey so far. 

You sound like a very strong person & taking positive steps to try to help yourself which is very inspiring. 

Not really sure what else to say other than you are in my thoughts & to keep us posted. 


Hi, I'm in a similar situation. I was first diagnosed aged 29 in nov 2012 whilst pregnant, I had the baby 10 weeks early and started cisplatin chemo, 28 radio sessions and 3 brachytherapy treatments. I was given the all clear in May 2013. At my check up in nov 2013 I mentioned getting slight back pain and it turns out it has come back in the pelvic and para aortic lymph nodes. I started cistplatin and topotecan chemo and after 3 sessions a ct confirmed it has disappeared from the pelvic nodes and shrunk by 50% in the para aortic nodes. This now gives options for radio (on the higher ones as can't be repeated in the pelvis) and possible surgery on the pelvic nodes! I am having 3 more chemo sessions and another ct scan while being referred to the royal marsden. I too have a 1 year old and cannot consider leaving her motherless so I am staying positive/stubborn and I WILL beat this so I'm sure you WILL too! Pm me if you ever want to chat xx