It's all going wrong *down there*

For around a year I’ve been rather itchy down there. And it’s changing, TMI. It looks like dead meat, grey with a layer of what looks like white dead skin on my vulvar. Looks like absolute carnage down there.

When I have had sex (rare) I bleed after.

I had some spotting and was told to have a smear.

I’ve had one and it came back with abnormal changes and HPV positive.
Booked in for a colposcopy.

Would they be connected. It’s defiantly not warts, herpes, thrush or reaction to washing powder.

Has anyone else had this?

of course google would say Vulvar cancer rolls eyes but with the results from smear I am worried and so fed up with the pain and burning itchiness down there.

I’ve booked in to see GP on Wednesday.