Sorry keep posting things but something new seems to pop up each day!

I’ve finished my treatment but my skin is so dry and rough it’s like all my hair folicals have been turned inside out! I’ve scrubbed my skin with body scrubs, bath scrubs, exfoliating mitts etc and nothing works and no moisturising lotion does either! My skin is also constantly itchy! Some days I’m in the bath scrubbing my skin until it’s red as it’s that itchy! It’s mainly my face arms and legs that are the worst.

Does anyone else suffer the same? I’ve had antihistamines and they don’t really work for the itching…its annoying as I’m constantly scratching like now it’s past 4am and my nose leg and arm won’t stop itching! Aaaaggghh!

I’ve got a review next week so it’s on my long list to mention but wanted to know if a fellow suffer had any advice?

I wish I could help you :-/
Presumably you have tried moisturiser containing aloe vera? I don't suppose the scrubbing or exfoliating is helping though I do know how difficult it is not to scratch an itch.
Hope someone can help you better than I
Be lucky :-)

Its from the peripheral nuropathy I would think.I had acupuncture which

sorted it out .Also,used Aveda soothing body lotion and nothing too harsh

on the skin. It does get better with time.Drink LOADS of water as well.

Hope you feel better today.

Becky x

Hi b it's calmed down now it seems to flair every now and then but I've not had it for a while.

if and when it comes up again I will remember your advice thank you x