Itchy Vulva and Losing Hair

Hi Ladies

Went to my GP today as I had a list of issues I wanted to discuss - it was my first time of seeing my GP since before my ops.

I've had a really itchy vulva for the past week.  I had phoned my CNS and she advised I get my GP to look at it.  The GP said it didn't look like thrush and that I looked very sore and dry.  She took a swab to test for infection and prescribed Replens.  I had been using that but guess I need to be using it a bit longer before I get some results.

Unfortunately I am also losing my hair, not in clumps but it's thinning considerably.  The consultant said it was due to stress and the GP said I could carry on losing it for months and it may not grow back again.  This has really upset me as I've always had thick wavy hair and it feels quite thin now, I dread to think what it could be like in a few months.

As in other posts, I too am really run down and am being sent for a full set of blood tests.

Lets hope we all start feeling a lot better soon!




Oh matey,

that is not good. Feeling for you x as for saying stress is the cause, to then tell u it may not come back is stressful!!! 

Had blood tests today so we shall see. So so run down and tired all the time. Lower back ache just doesn't go away, neither does the small throb in my left pelvis area. Got bit worried past week especially as GP told me my memory and focussing problems will be nothing to do with side effects of op now. Little voices in my head keep warning me it ain't good. Must ignore them!!! Positive thinking just don't seem to be working just recently!! Darn! Spent all that money on those courses for nowt...!

thank goodness it's the weekend x hopefully we can just relax a bit?? Xxx

Hi Dons

Yes, hearing that about my hair just added to the stress!  Bought some supplements to take and hair stuff supposed to help with hair loss - will try anything that may help.

I have the memory and focussing problems too!  Relieved its just not me and as we've both got it I'm sure it must have something to do with the op.  I feel really daft at times as I've honestly forgotten something that I am familiar with.  And have to admit its a struggle focussing at work at times.

The tiredness is something else isn't it.  I was having trouble sleeping which made it worse but taking Kalms Nights now which are helping.  Even 8 hours a night isn't enough though!!

Really hope you get your pains sorted very soon.


Cheryl, xxx


Might try the calms! Dr wanted to give me sleeping pills but said no. Can't get to sleep then seem to be fidgety all night then awake from around 4 and cant get back to sleep.

Focus etc must be due indirectly from op if both suffering! Blood tests are to check thyroid and b12 as these could be at fault along with other things. Must be body readjusting itself?? Fingers crossed thats all it is and can take a supplement for it!!

Busy busy life doesnt help. So tired already today and all ive done is watch daughter do her swimming lesson and hour of gym (should be her thats tired, I was sat on my bum!!)

Oh well, kids party next, hoorah.... more sitting on my bum!!

Hope u get some rest this weekend xxx


That was my sleep pattern too - couldn't get off then when I did manage it I used to wake around 4 ish and couldnt get back to sleep.  Somebody told me there is a name to waking up at 4am - apparently it is a common thing at that time. 

My GP said that if I could manage with herbal tablets then that was much better than having sleeping pills.  I had them a couple of years ago when my dad passed away and it was awful coming off them even after only 2 weeks.

I've started taking a Vitamin B complex tablet too as I read somewhere that it was recommended.

Let me know when you get your blood test results, I shall go for my test this coming week.

Fingers crossed you get some quality sleep soon and lots of rest and relaxation.



Yes get ur bloods done! I managed to have my first full nights sleep last night in weeks!! But head feels cloudy from too much sleep today lol! Nevermind... yes, really dont fancy the sleeping pills, not a good thing to get into. They said resultsvin a week so we shall see. Xxx