Itchiness for 3 years then bleeding after smear

Hi all,

i have had itchiness around the vulva / vagina for nearly 3 years now but no discharge. Smear in 2015 was normal. Had CIN3 16 years ago in 2002 but mostly normal smears since then (One borderline result in 2012).

Had a swab a few months ago that showed thrush but canestan hasn’t got rid of it.

Then today I had a smear with a nurse and some bleeding after it which has freaked me out - never happened before. More than spotting (which wouldn’t have worried me) but less than a period. Lasted maybe an hour.  She did give the cervix a good scrape I suppose, I could feel it but it didn’t hurt. I did ask if it looked normal down there and she said yes definitely.

Should I be worried? I have had a bit of spotting that I think was due to dryness actually, three gp’s and a senior nurse practitioner have all had a good look up there in the last two years and all said it looked normal.

could I have gone from normal to cancer in 3 years? Can the health practitioners see the cervix is healthy just by looking (4 different ones have had a good look so far!)

Thank you