It just got real

I got told the week I’d start, but the appointments all arrived quite quickly afterwards. My hospital uses an App called ‘MyChart’ where all your test results, appointments and letters are uploaded, so I started getting messages at 6am that I had a ‘New Message’ which would be appointments. I saw the oncologist on 22nd of December for the diagnosis, and started my radiotherapy on the 12th January, so it all happened very quickly!

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Jacks, I’m praying the tests and scans will show anything but cancer. I’m currently on the 4th week of treatment and it’s not easy. I can’t imagine dealing w a recurrence after this and at this moment I’m having dark thoughts like my treatment is not working as I’m still having light bleeding and pink watery discharge while having radiation. Plus the cystitis and diarrhea for radiation side effects on the side. I just wanna send you big hugs and support and lots of prayers. xx

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Hi, did u get to start your treatment? Xx

Good luck with your scans Jacks

Thinking about you :green_heart:

Thank you, AMF! X

Thank you, May - that’s very kind. I know how hard I found the treatment too by week 4. I’m wishing you so well for the rest of the treatment. X

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Please keep us posted. I’m thinking about you and also keeping you in my prayers. Stay strong. We’re here for you. Sending you big hugs. xx