It just got real

I got told the week I’d start, but the appointments all arrived quite quickly afterwards. My hospital uses an App called ‘MyChart’ where all your test results, appointments and letters are uploaded, so I started getting messages at 6am that I had a ‘New Message’ which would be appointments. I saw the oncologist on 22nd of December for the diagnosis, and started my radiotherapy on the 12th January, so it all happened very quickly!

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Jacks, I’m praying the tests and scans will show anything but cancer. I’m currently on the 4th week of treatment and it’s not easy. I can’t imagine dealing w a recurrence after this and at this moment I’m having dark thoughts like my treatment is not working as I’m still having light bleeding and pink watery discharge while having radiation. Plus the cystitis and diarrhea for radiation side effects on the side. I just wanna send you big hugs and support and lots of prayers. xx

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Hi, did u get to start your treatment? Xx

Good luck with your scans Jacks

Thinking about you :green_heart:

Thank you, AMF! X

Thank you, May - that’s very kind. I know how hard I found the treatment too by week 4. I’m wishing you so well for the rest of the treatment. X


Please keep us posted. I’m thinking about you and also keeping you in my prayers. Stay strong. We’re here for you. Sending you big hugs. xx

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Hello Jacks 133 .I really hope all your tests come back with good results .you been great advice in this site for so many people including me. Take care


All the best jacks please keep us updated xx

Hope your scans went well and you don’t have too long to wait for your results xx

Thanks everyone - the scans went well - it was nice to be able to have scans without feeling ill, as I did at the end of my treatment! Now is just the wait to see what they show. Of course I’m now noticing every little niggle, ache and off feeling in my body - just like most ladies on here while they’re waiting to know. Isn’t the mind a funny thing. Speaking of funny, I have a funny reaction to buscopan - the smooth muscle relaxant they inject you with during an MRi scan. They tell you it might give you ‘blurred vision’ - well it sends me to sleep, and I have weird dreams - while I’m in the machine! I had coloured blocks with letters and numbers on them, then they suddenly turned to black, white and grey and melted off my vision and I jerked awake. Really odd. At the end of the MRi I feel a bit disoriented - no wonder! :crazy_face: x


So pleased to hear your scans went smoothly. What a funny side effect haha. You have been in my thoughts lots. X

Glad to hear it went well. I had weird vivid dreams that night but thought it was due to stress maybe it was the buscopan instead lol. Xx

@Jacks133 I missed this post! Apologies you must think I’m a cow for not giving you my support!!!
Glad the scans went well. The paying attention to every niggle ache and pain thing… that’s me now! Even though I know it’s just after effects of treatment :unamused:

That’s funny about the Buscopan… my eyes didnt even go blurry!!

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My eyes didn’t go blurry either - goodness knows why they tell you that! :joy:


Hi, I had my appt with oncologist and I’m still stage 2, it’s not spread to my lymph nodes but they will target them with treatment anyways. I will get a call hopefully tomorrow to arrange my planning scan and treatment should be two weeks after that. I’ve also been referred for another CT scan and prob ultrasound and biopsy as the pet scan has shown nodules in my lungs and a lump on my breast although the consultant stressed these are not “hot” (not showing up as cancerous) but they need to check them out. Has anyone else had anything similar? Xx

That’s a relief, Steffi! So pleased they are still going to target the areas, though - it will make sure everything is destroyed. Sounds like they are moving quickly too, which is a great relief, as is the fact that the other nodules are not ‘hot’ (they’re not consuming a higher glucose level) and are therefore most likely benign. Fingers crossed for you and a big ((hug)). X

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Hi Steffi,

Great news regarding lymph nodes one less thing to worry about!!.

As regards the nodules can’t be of much help there but I imagine most of us have nodules that come and go it’s just that most people never have scans so are unaware of them.

Once you get your planning scan your treatment should start quickly after that. I got given my all my appointments at my planning scan and when I saw them all in black and white it did throw me a bit. I worried about how I would get through them but it passed so quickly and was relatively symptom free much better than I thought.

Keep us posted.

Take care xx

Thanks @Jacks133 and @AMF the oncologist did say that. He’s the clinical director not sure if they all are but I do feel reassured I’m in safe hands. I’ve had a call today from radio department and my planning scan is Thursday afternoon the doctor said I should get all my appointments then so I’m hoping I can. Then I can sort a plan for my kids etc incase I’m unwell the doctor did say he thinks it will wipe me out. :see_no_evil:xxx

To be honest no-one can predict how their body will handle being poisoned in multiple ways. I had zero skin problems, burning, itching or anything like that, but I was exhausted beyond belief and as for my bowels…. :weary: You will probably sign consent forms that list every possible side effect, but you won’t get them all… :+1:t3:. Here’s hoping it’s not as bad as you are warned, but it’s good to be prepared and sorting out a plan for your kids is a really important thing. Xxx

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