It all a bit too much !

Hi all

Just after some advice please.

Brief history, had surgery for a large cyst in October, whilst there my surgeon though my cervix looked odd so took some biopsies. These showed High grade CGIN and atypical glandular cells. Referred to UCH London and had a cone on 6/12/12.

Went back for the results on Tuesday and was told that it is cancer, at the moment graded 1b2. Treatment plan will be chemo radiation. I have to say that although I was expecting a cancer diagnosis the treatment for it really threw me. All the way though people have been talking about hysterectomy so I had got this in my head and was almost ok about it. The thought of 5 days a week for 5 weeks is really worrying me. I know that I’m lucky that its stage 1 still, but I have an MRI and CT booked for the 21/1/13 to check it and a lymph nodes removal/check for 31/1/13. Do you think that they may change it after then??

My other issue is that the day after my consultation, the consultant called me to say that the pathologist had looked at my biopsies for the cone again and due to ‘stains’ that there is a chance that this is a secondary tumour, with some thing else being in my stomach! They have stressed that this is a very small change and they want to to a gastroscope on 3/1/13 to check. This threw me again and I am worried sick that there is more there.

Has anyone else been told this ??

Sorry couldn’t finish ?

I am burying this all at the moment with Xmas and everything. I have a 5 yr old so Its all a bit manic in my house right now.

Any advice re treatment would be greatly received. I’ve got to have brachytherapy too, which is scaring the hell out of me.

Thanks so much and sorry for rambling

Merry Christmas and here’s to a happy new year hopefully !!

Kelly xx

Hi there, I just saw your post and it struck a cord as I was once in the same boat with how you are feeling. I am now just over 3 months post treatment and waiting on further tests as my scans came back unclear.

Chemo Radiation is a pretty daunting thought - but it is totally do-able. I didn't even notice any real side effects until the last 2 weeks. What made me tired is the trip to the hospital everyday. You get all your radio appointments on a sheet of paper - so it helps to cross them off as you go and before you know it, it will be over!

The Chemo days are a bit boring - but just make sure you have some movies or have a visitor pop in for a cup of tea.

Brachy does sound hideious doesn't it!  and it's not all that pleasent but apparently its got nothing on childbirth haha. I have no kids (I'm 27) and found the process more boring than anything else, so again, just make sure you have movies and books. I definitely found it was not as bad as I was expecting so try not to worry too much. The removal is probably the worst part, but its really quick, so it's over quick smart!

Good luck with your further tests - I know all about the waiting game and all what you're about to go through - so let me know if you have any questions. I found that I am much stronger than I gave myself credit for :)

Big hugs :)

Vic xx

Hi Vic
Thanks for the response… Am ok, Christmas was a bit up and down :o/ People seem to be tip toeing around me which is a bit annoying… Am not ill at the moment !!
Am off this afternoon for my gastroscopy, am really hoping it will be a waste of time and nothing there!!
Then got to wait for scans and appointment with the consultants on 21/22 jan…
The waiting never seems to end eh!!

Will update when I know more… Any advise out there will be most welcome
Love Kelly xx

i am worried i had a loop excision of cin3 cells today i have bled after sex in december and last night. i thought last night was the start of my period but since having the loop i have not bled i am worried that i have cancer. did you have any other symptoms before diagnosed with cin3 and did the nurse say that the loop results would show cancer can they tell? would my nurse warn me if its cancer and tell me that the results of loop could show this. it hasnt been mentioned but i am worried after reading peoples stories on here that i