Issues post treatment. Am I going mad

I was diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer and iliac fosser lymph node was affected.  Had chemo radiotherapy and high dose internal radiotherapy which finished in June I then contracted sepsis and was in hospital for a month. I've since got a left sided limp and weakness . I have such bad pelvic pain all the time.  And as soon as I drink within half an hour i have dreadful bladder pain and need to go to the toilet I can't hold fluid at all . I occasionally get swelling in my leg but soon goes down. The lymph node in my neck on the left side and groin left side remain raised all the time. My bowels are far from normel .I know I'm nearly a year post treatment but I still do not feel human and I can't go back to work yet as I'm not strong enough and also such a massive struggle financially . I just want to be me again. I also am terrified to try sexual activity. I'm only 49 and have also as you know gone through early menopause because of the treatment. Any ideas on what could be causing this or is it something I have to put up with???

Hi there,

im so sorry you are struggling and feel so exhausted dealing with these things. It is so hard. 

Well, i will say I don't believe you will ever be the old you again but the question is how can you find the new norm and make it as best as possible. 

I do think you should seriously look into some hypobaric chamber therapy as I think you were over exposed to the radiation and need to reverse the side effects from it. That with taking some pills should really help. Have you spoken to your dr about any medication. I'm currently taking gabapentin for my hot flashes as well as my nerve damage  causing sore ankles and feet. It's a bit of play with the amount but eventually you will figure out how much you need. I also have a script for the diarrhea that hits every few weeks and send my body into some weird intestinal spasm freak out but as soon as I take my pills again I'm good. 

I started to do some mindfulness meditation and light yoga stretches that have helps me tremendously.  I started off going to a physical therapist just to learn how to stretch properly. This is a big part of feeling better. 

Between the above stuff and staying positive things are ok for me,I do feel pretty good. 

Hope this helps a bit. Good luck. If you need to chat send me a pm

big hugs

When my treatment  first  finished  i was  going  to loo every hr day n night for  weeks n i had bilareral nephostomys so my bladder  was  really  unsettled