Issues months after having biopsy and treatment

Hi all,

I had a biopsy and two lots of treatment in March and June. The results came back normal and my periods have finally turned back to normal.

However the last two periods, I have had longer periods than usual. Three days of brown/red discharge and then my period starts which lasts for 7 days (which is longer than normal). Which is odd.

I had sex yesterday morning (with condoms and 4 days after my period) and now I’m having light brown discharge again. It has no smell and im not in pain or discomfort, so not sure what’s going on. Actually I’m thinking maybe we were a bit too rough and have upset something?

Has anyone else had issues months after their treatment? I have a smear test again in December or January time and if this continues than I’ll speak to them at the smear test, but wondering if anyone else have had weird longer periods/brown discharge months after?

Yes, I’m having issues months after treatment. Sounds similar. Really long period that stops and starts with irregular bleeding between periods, often dark brown blood. I’ve had various investigations including two scans. All have come back with no problems. My consultant thinks it’s caused by narrowing of the cervix not allowing the period to exit efficiently. So I’m having cervical dilation and at the same time they are doing a hysterscopy (not sure I’ve spelt that right) to look inside my uterus to check further. It’s a bit unsettling but I’m sure it’ll be sorted in the end. I should add, my periods have become very painful too, the symptoms have been similar to endometriosis.

I’m sorry to hear you are having similar symptoms :frowning: I hope they get to the bottom of it! My period pains have changed too, much sharper than before and I know it’s coming from where I had the procedures cos it’s a deep sharp pain.

Hope they find out what is going on for you. I haven’t begun to bleed between periods but definitely having weird brown discharge which wasn’t there before. I might ring the drs Wednesday and ask to see or speak to a nurse to ask her advice. Just to be on the safe side really!

Mine started as brown discharge then I had a couple of months of bleeding between periods. It’s dark blood, looks like old periods blood.
Definitely get it checked out. I hope you get to the bottom of it.