Issues following Lettz

Hi I’m new here and quite worried, sorry if this isn’t in the right place.

May 2021 - HPV positive
May 2022- Cin3
August - Lettz

Following my lettz i was given the all clear and told to return in 6 months for a smear. To be honest i wasn’t worried at all, my close friend had recently been through this and i felt reassured.

I had the normal expected bleeding and in September didn’t bleed at all. However, since october i have bled almost daily, sometimes heavy, sometimes spotting and always after sex - i have a heavy bright red gush of blood which can last for up to a week afterwards. I can feel pain in my cervix, pelvis, i have no appetite and feel sick a lot. I have a stabbing feeling in my left side/rib area too.

My doctor gave me mefanamic acid to help with the pain and bleeding a few days before my exam with her so she could see my cervix. She said she saw an area of abnormality, no signs of infection and has referred me on the two week wait to see a gynaecologist.

I was wondering if anything similar has happened to anybody.

Much Love S