ISMC Cervical Cancer

Hello, was diagnosed with ISMC or Invasive Stratified Muscinous Carcinoma, which is a rare and aggressive with a worse outcome. I had my PET-CT January 26th and had the results posted to my patient portal a few hours later. I have an MRI w/contrast Feb. 17th and guess my oncologist is waiting for the MRI to correctly stage me. I am already booked for a radical hysterectomy in advance for Feb. 23rd, but was told if Mets or lymphadenopathy shows then my treatment plan could change. To make me wait so long to be staged is torture. I know I have my results and have the right ureter involved, right iliac chain, left internal iliac node, uterus lit up, two Cystic adexnal lesions 8.3 cm and 4.6 cm both sides. Then my cervical neck lymph nodes left side 5.4 SUV uptake and 6.20 on the right side lit up. It says positive for suspicious for metastases for known cervical patient. 3 mm right solid pulmonary nodule. I know what stage I am at by research, but want to hear it from my oncologist. Maybe I am wrong. Hoping someone with a similar experience chimes in as a reference point for me.

Hi, I have no information on this particular type of cells, but I didn’t mean to read and run. Please keep in mind that many things can light up at a Pet Ct, I had one where even my arms lit up and it wasn’t anything to do with cc. Just a thought! I wish you strength all throughout your healing journey!

Thank you for responding. My oncologist is waiting to see if IR or intermediate Radiology will biopsy my iliac chain. This just keeps dragging out.

@Ginaprice1975 I’ve been diagnosed with iSMILE stage 2b. Waiting for mri to confirm clinical exam. Not sure which way my treatment will happen yet as it needs mdt discussion. How are you? What treatment did you have?