ISC after radical hysterectomy?

just wondered has anyone had to do ISC following radical hysterectomy? im now 4 weeks post op with no sign of things returning to normal at the min!!! Becoming frustrated and impatient!!

Hi Lynnie

I didnt have to self catheterize, but I have spoken to many that have.  My bladder still plays me up now and my op was in August.  Don't worry so much it will get better, I am just startiing to get some sensation back now.  

I hope this helps a little, things do return to normal eventually, just stay with it xxxx


Hello Lynnie.  I had my surgery(rad. hist) last December and came home from hospital having to use the catheters.  This went on for many months eventually getting down to once a day - first thing in the mrning only.  Whilst I was going through chemo ( 6 cycles with 3 weeks between each cycle) the oncologist advised that I should continue with it this way.  I became fed up with it and eventually stopped and haven't had any problems.  The sensation to pass urine has not returned and is unlikely to now, it's been nerly a year since surgery - I have to just time myself & try to go to the toilet several times a day to make sure the baldder doesn't become too full.  

I think at 4 weeks post surgery it's a little optimistic to expect your bladder to work properly on its own.  It's a bit of inconvenience and may go on for longer than you expect but it should settle down eventually.  I believe I've now reached a new 'normal' for my waterworks, I have  accepted that it'll not be the same again but so long as it works I'm ok with that! 



Hi Lynnie hope things settle with your bladder, can you tell me how you found the surgery, after pains etc?? I'm scheduled for next Tuesday, have 1B CC, diagnosed 17 September!! Sharon one for you- does the bladder not work properly ever again?? I'm starting to panic a fair bit now before my op! Thanks & all the best with your recovery xxx



I've not had to but still do not have a lot of sensation 8 wks on. I don't ever get the feeling "I need a wee!" Like I use too but I know when I have a full feeling in my abdomen. When I pass water, I have to really focus and it is not like it use to be!! Sometimes nothing comes out so I wiggle myself around in different positions and get there eventually. I have kept the little stools in all our toilets as putting one foot/leg up slightly seems to help. I still also feel numb in groin and top of inner thighs so dont know if will all get better after neves have a good chance to grow back?

 Another little change to create our new selves, I guess!!

take care xxx dons

Hello salamoenti, sorry if I panicked you! Every case will be different but in my case it took months for me to eventually ditch the catheters. I did see a bladder specialist (urologist I think) because I knew there was a change to how my bladder works but after seeing her, she assured me that all was working well enough not to give me problems at the moment.  My concern was that the 'flow' of urine seemed not to have any pressure behind it, and also I thought I wasn't passing enough urine.  This she said was 'normal' following surgery & radiotherapy both of which can affect the bladder by shrinking it slightly. However she was happy that all was working well enough and I am satisfied now that its okay - hence my 'new normal'.  Please don't let this additional info scare you - you will also find a 'new normal' for your bladder and it will work again, don't fret! I think it's better to be aware of this then you'll know what to expect, but remember - every case is different.



Hi Sharon

Thank you, was in a right panic mode last night! Much better today!! xxxxxxx


Hi lynnie. I had my op 4 sept and am still self cathetarising (is that a word?) Like the other girls said, I have a new normal. I have a different sensation when I have a full bladder. I can usually pass some myself but there is too much left inside. I don't measure what I pass all the time and so use the catheters 4 times a day. I can live with it, much better than a bag. It is improving very slowly and I hope to ditch them eventually. It's just a case of getting your head round it. Good luck. Karen

thanks emma - yes ive been told its a very common thing that 'should' return to normal eventually! just goin to have to wait this one out!x

thanks sharon!! i know im not giving it much time - think i just expected they'd remove catheter after op and i'd be able to pee! boy was i wrong! but its great to hear that yours did return to almost normal eventually! im doing 4 times daily since op so fingers crossed it will grdually return. did u find anything helped? x


hey salma! please dont panic - op is not actually that bad! had been expecting worse to be honest! i was in hosp for 4 days afterwards mainly because i couldnt get the hang of this self catheterising thing! pain was really manageable - i had no epidural/pca - just tramadol for day 1 and 2 then good old paracetamol and ibuprofen from then on! mine was laparoscopic with 5 incisions so apparently recovery is a bit quicker with this method, but next morning i was up having a wash and slowly started to move about more everyday! as for the bladder the surgeon had warned me that some girls need to learn to self catheterise if the bladder isnt emptying properly and that this can take dys/weeks/months to return. to be honest this has been the only compliction i have had post surgery that im finding hard to cope with. just want to be normal and feel like i have to pee and then go do it! but hey its a small price to pay!!! good luck with your surgery you will be grand honestly!x

thanks dons - think i need to sitl longer and try hard to really focus on it. sometimes i give up too easy and just catheterise to get it over with!x   but i really shouldnt be complaining if this is all i have to deal with! x

thanks karen - yes you are right i just need to accept that this is the way it has to be at the min and hope that it will get better! and hey if it doesnt its just somethin thats part of me now!x

Hi all

Wow ladies some of you have had a tough time with your poor bladders, I really feel for you!

To add a different perspective, my bladder is fine after radical hysterectomy and 3 sessions of brachy.

I came home with a catheter for 10 days( one that comes out of your abdomen ) but have been fine ever since. Took a fee weeks for the sensation to fully return but it did come back.

I had some stress incontinence before the op due to childbirth and that is probably a bit worse but everything else is good.

Good luck to all of you, I hope things get better.

Ali xx

Why are the doctors keeping a catheter in ?

I had my R.H. in the evening and the next morning the catheter came out.  The surgeon believed that a catheter that stays in can lead to infection and urinary infection.

mine stayed in for first 48hrs after op (think they usually removed after 24) ive since had two infections and can imagine a few more if the isc continues!

I had 2 catheters, lucky me!!
The normal sort which was removed after 12 hours or so and then the abdomen one which was in 10 days. My consultant was of the belief that by resting the bladder so long after surgery you are less likely to have long term issues. Fingers crossed but so far he has been right as all is well.

I guess they all do things a bit differently!