Is this worrisome?

When I was in my twenties I had some precancerous cells removed from my cervix.  Honestly I haven't thought much of it since.  I am 40 now and I have made an appointment for a yearly, which has been put off for several years. I have had bloating and back/leg pain (the leg pain almost feels like growing pains),  changes in my bowels, intermittent stomach/pelvic pains, longer/heavier periods and just recently bleeding between periods on ocassion  when i wipe (pink or sometimes even brown) and lastly blood after sex (red). I also learned through bloodwork that my estrogen levels are like 246.  I am curious if there is a link.  I have attributed the changes in bowels to my polyps and colon issues and the pain in back and legs to sciatica and bloating and stomach pains to my weight loss surgery but when you put them together with the bleeding it's not looking good.  Now I don't believe cervical cancer is genetic but I do know my Mother had it when she had me and had a hysterectomy after my birth.  I am just wondering if I am being overly dramatic or if these together are in fact cause for concern.  I just want to prepare mentally for what I may hear.


Didn't want read and run,I know its awful when you have symptoms

that your not sure whats going on. hopefully after your check-up

everything will be fine.Let us now how you get on.


Becky x