Is this recurrence? Help am terrified

Diagnosed with cervical cancer 1997 and had modified tracheolectomy, margins were clear and lymph were clear, all great until smear last week which has come back with abnormal cells, is this the cervical cancer back? Am terrified as have two disabled children who really need me around. If it is the. What are the chances it is early and hasnt spread? I've had yearly smears for the last two years and every 6 months prior to that, they were all clear. X


Is your smear mild, modrate or severe? have you ever been tested for HPV?

Hi Simone, thanks for replying, they have said borderline changes but have said I need another colposcopy, haven't been tested for HPV but am presuming it is which is what worries me, is it going to keep coming back even if I have a full hysterectomy which I feel like doing now regardless of the results of the colposcopy as I can't risk it. X

You've nothing to worry about. Borderline changes are very likely to go back to normal on there own. Have you had the same partner sinice 1997? The resin I ask is because HPV cause abnormal cells.

Hi Simone, yes I have been with the same partner, I'm worried that the HPV will keep causing cancerous changes unless I have a full hysterectomy x

Hi, Sorry for the late reply.

You really have nothing to worry about, Borderline changes are only very slight changes it just means that there is a small change in some of the cells but they are very close to being normal. Usually if you have a bordeline smear result you would just be asked to have another smear in 6 months to check that the cells have gone back to normal. 90% of borderline changes will go back to normal in 6 months time,  if they are still there at the 6 month smear you would then be sent for a colposcopy. I think because of your history they want to just see you for a colposcopy straight away to make sure there are no further changes.

I completely understand why you are worried. Having been diagnosed with cervical cancer before it must be bringing back all those horrible feelings. The HPV virus as you know causes abnormal cell changes to happen and you would have had HPV all those years ago but your immune systmen would of either got rid of it or kept it dormant. It is more than likely that you have had borderline changes before in the last 17 years but they would have gone back to normal before you have had your smear. Hpv is very common and 80% of all women will have had it at some point in there lives and it would of caused these slight changes but they wouldn't of known it because they go back to normal this is why we have smears every 3 years and not more often because borderline changes are very common.

I think if you were to ask the Doctor about having a hysterectomy he would probably tell you that there is no need to go down that route. It is a big operation and most doctors wont offer it unless you have had a lot of abnormal smears and the abnormal cells keep coming back. If your family is complete and you feel that the worry of having anymore abnormal smears is really getting to you to the point that you feel a hysterectomy is the only option then this may be something that the Doctor is willing to do but you would nee dot discuss that with him.

When is your colposcopy appointment? xx