Is this really happening

Hi everyone,

Im 34 andi  was diagnosed with cc on Wednesday last week, i have my MRI scan tomorrow and then i get my results on Monday next week.  The doctors have said they belive it to be early stage and fingers crossed it hasnt spread.  I had loop treatment 3 weeks ago whilst i had my colposcopy.  i don t really know what to write i feel like im in a daze and that it isnt really happening to me. 

I couldnt sleep last night i just had thought whirling round my head me and my husband dont have any children ( ive had 4 miscarriages maybe cc was to blame??) i really hope when this is over that i will be able to my consultant said they would take into consideration that i dont have children.

Anyone got any advice

Thanks xx

hi Pea

Poor you, i'm so sorry that you have this diagnosis.

This is the worse time, i remember that being in a daze and not knowing.  From what you write it sounds like you are moving through the process fairly quickly, with your MRI tomorrow and treatment plan to be discussed next week.  I'm sure i speak for many ladies here that once you know what your facing and how it will be treated you start to feel better about it.  The MRI will show the doctors the extent of what they are dealing with.

And i'm no expert but i don't think that there is any correlation between cc and miscarriages.



Hi there, I'm very sorry to hear of your diagnosis, and your unfortunate miscarriages. You've been through an awful lot already. If it is early stages then you have a good chance of being able to have children afterwards. They will definitely take into consideration the fact that you don't have children already and give your options based on that. There is so much support here on this site. I've read through some harrowing stories, but you know what, most of the women seem to start viewing things differently and feeling more empowered after talking things through here with people who understand, and of course listening to so many success stories. I'm sure there will be people respond to you soon who are or have been in your exact situation.

Best of luck with you MRI tomorrow. Once Monday comes and you have results and a plan, I'm sure you'll feel a little clearer about things. xxxx

thanks for the comments everyone it means a lot, i just wish i knew what my options were im so impatient!!


Hi there, I’m so sorry you’ve had to join this rubbish club!!
Hope you’re doing ok? Unfortunately this waiting part is the worst … You’ll have crazy highs and crazy lows but you’ll get through it I promise.

I was diagnosed following my loop procedure also, up until then they just thought it was abnormal cells! What a shock hey? I know what a kick in the teeth it is.

I was early stages… I only found out it was stage 1a1 after my operation.
I had a radical Trachelectomy and lymph node removal… They’ve removed my cervix and abdominal lymph nodes. And in doing this preserving my fertility.
I have no children and so they took this into consideration.

Good luck with your MRI. Try and stay strong.

Take care
Em xx

Hi Em,

Thanks for the reply, i think im doing ok i know what you mean about crazy highs and lows sometimes i think maybe i misheard the consultant, i know i didnt but you start to question yourself and then othertimes i think oh s**t this is happening, i think because you feel kind of well in yourself its harder to believe!!

Thanks for letting me know what happened to you it does help to read about other peoples experiences, the consultant wouldnt even discuss treatment with me she said to wait until MRI results then she would be able to let me know what my options are. Im one of those people who needs to know everything.


Keep in touch and take care

Jen xx

Yes you’re right, I really struggled with it all as I felt just the same and had no symptoms! Then you remember and everything crashes down around you.
My advice … At the moment it is perfectly fine for you to be selfish! I actually had a lovely month of doing what I wanted when I wanted and seeing who I wanted and forgetting the people that just don’t matter. Strangely I look back now and although it was the absolutely crappist time … I had a lot of fun. And I’m much more appreciative of everything now!
Just do what makes you happy at the moment and that’ll help you through it!
I had no idea what was going to happen until after my MRI too… They like to cover all bases and not give any false hope. And although it’s horrendous waiting and the what if’s … It’s a good thing that they do. They’re taking everything into consideration and planning what’s best for you.

If you have any questions or just need a rant, don’t hesitate to PM me.

You can do this :slight_smile: x

Well ive had the MRI scan, i didnt like that one bit i was in for 20mins ,i neally lost my nerve and pressed the buzzer to get out!!!!

Thanks for all the advice Em i am taking it all on board i feel ok at the moment but im sure i will have another moment later on.  i will be ok when Monday is out of the way.

Thanks again

Jen xx


Will be thinking of you on Monday Jen. You have the M R I over now, so that's one stage over! Did operators give you any indication of how it looked?

Docs have indicated to you that it is early stage. I was told the same and had operation to remove growth and I have now been given all clear today.

You can get through this. It is an awful shock but so cureable.

I have a friend who's daughter had advanced cc last year. She is,a young woman and was operated on, leaving womb in place. She is clear of cc and is now pregnant.

Try to think on all that can be done to sort this. We,are here for you and will be rooting for you all through your treatment.


Hi Jen,

I just had my trachelectomy last week (removal of the cervix), and as you've done, I researched a lot about cc treatment before I even knew what stage I was at and I assumed the worst.

I later found out I was at 1b, which is still classed as very early stage. When I went to meet my consultant, they got a trainee to talk to me about my treatment, and she told me I was having a hysterectomy - well I went hysterical as I'm only 26 and don't have children - so I said no, I've read about this trachelectomy procedure and I want that done, so I discussed the pros and cons with the consultant and we decided I wanted the trachelectomy.

The reason I'm telling you this is, if I hadn't asked for the trach, I wouldn't have got it, so make sure you ask for options and don't just accept what they tell you!

Also, even if you have to have a hysterectomy, there are still ways to preserve your eggs so you can have your own biological children but they'd be carried by a surrogate.

Having said all this, the waiting is the worst part as all you do is speculate about what treatment you'll have. I'd urge you to stay close to this site to find out info and get support, and once you know your treatment plan then you can deal with it and we can all advise and support.

There's a great youtube video diary by a user called beccababes - she talks a lot about fertility and preserving her eggs, she also covers a lot of info to do with different cc treatments. Even though she's had a different treatment plan to me I've still found it really useful and supportive to watch her videos.



Hi M,

operators didnt say anything so i will just have to wait till Monday!

Thanks for all the support it means loads and congratulations on the all clearLaughing.

Jen xx


Hi Tank,

Thankyou for all the information its really helpful this site has been so supportive i dont know how i would have felt if i hadnt found this site.  The waiting is definately the worst part especially as i am impatient lol

I just have to get through these next few days (which i know are going to be tough) but thanks for being there for me.

Keep in Touch

Jen xx  Laughing

Fingers crossed xxx

theres not a lot more I can add to what has already been said. They will try their best to conserve your fertility as they can so if it is early stages hopefully you will be able to have a trachelectomy. There is so much on here on past posts for you to read through that will be of help but until you know your treatment, you will worry and worry and worry. Once you have a definite staging and know your treatment plan, your head will settle down and everything will become a little more clear for you. Really, out of everything that I have been through (I'm 3wks post op now) the waiting between diagnosis and being told the staging/treatment plan was the worst bit by far, and I think everyone will agree with this.

ggod luck matey 

xxx dons

dont be afraid to ask lots of questions on here and post lots!! I did. I was always on here to help me cope, especially late at night when couldn't sleep x

thanks for the advice dons sorry i didnt reply yesterday i had a really bad day! 

i went to work and all of a sudden the whole situation hit me, i didnt know what to do with myself work were fab and sent me home. i felt sick to the bottom of my stomach after talking to my mum, husband and sister i felt a bit better i just needed to rant i think it was the mri that spooked me and made me realise this is real. i feel a bit better today just wish the knots would go from my stomach.  sorry for rambling on......

keep in touch

jen xx


the knots are there to stay for a bit longer, I'm afraid...

well done u for even going to work! Im a teacher and was diagnosed on the first day of term!!! head teacher knew there was no way I'd be able to keep it together in front of 30 kids and all the parents all day every day so arranged cover for me. Dr gave me sick note straight away but I still did paperwork for school as had to do something!!! If ur not right, u can be signed off. Although work might be just the place for u. Look into how many weeks full pay sick leave u get before it goes onto mandatory sick pay. I was lucky as all my time off is covered by school insurance until 6 months. 

Just keep ur mind busy. I found letting everyone know helped, preferred them to know than wonder what was wrong

xxx dons

ugwell its monday tomorrow ...... im not sure how i feel yet im still up and down like a yo yo at least i should have some answers . i just need to get through today its going to be the longest day in history. Undecided

well ive seen my consltant and they want to tryand remove part of the cervix treatment because i want childen so my op is on 14 november the tissue will get tested again if they dont get it all i will have to have further treament but they seem to think its confined to my cervixand they have graded it 1a, so fingers crossed they get it all. bit annoyed cos they were runninh an hour late and she seemed to be rushing i had to ask for mri results!!!!

 jen xx

Hi Jen,

i had the cone in Aug for stage 1a1 so if I can help at all let me know :)


Hi Soph,

Thanks for that i just hope that it gets rid of the rest of it, im fed up of stressing out oh well we will see what happens they have told that once i have had it i should get the results within 7 days whicj is something at least!!

Jen xx