Is this normal?

Hi everybody,


i had Lletz treatment for CIN3 2 weeks ago and am still having pain, particularly shooting pains on average around 10 times a day which are really quite intense. I am also still quite bloated on and off and also have a very watery discharge. Should these problems be easing off now or is this normal? 

Thanks a lot in advance x

Hi Louise, I can't help with the apain unfortunately as i've been very lucky with mine, only had a few cramp like twinges.  The watery discharge for me is still happening, though easing off, and my LLETZ was just over 3 weeks ago now.

Just keep an eye on the smell of it, I got an infection which caused quite heavy bleeding for a night, but that was a few days after I started to detect a worsening infection type smell.

Hope this helps, i'm sure someone else can give more advice on the pain as well, everyone's very friendly and helpful.


thank you so much for replying. I don't think I gave an infection as it seems it is rather apparent when you do from reading other posts.

 I know if I ask my gp they will just give me antibiotics without really thinking much of it. it's just the pain really that's worrying me, but I guess i will give it abit more time x


I'm still a bit sore, same sort of pains, over a month later. And had discharge for weeks. 

2 things that might be useful - I left it until a couple of days ago to have a bath, but it really helped! Less discharge after that. But don't have one before the recommended time! Also, I got really sore from wearing towels, so before that happens make sure you get the most natural sort you can, I have switched to boots 'cottons' and wish I'd found them years ago!

molly x