Is this normal??

Last day of external radiation today. Brachy to be done soon. I know the effects from chemo/radiation are cumulative but this morning, I'm feeling especially strange. Not really nauseous, but very weak. Its hard to get up and my heart pounds. Also feel a bit light headed and panicky. Not sure if this is anxiety related? Therapy related? Both? I drank a nutrition shake just now in case it may be related to low blood sugars. How long until you feel better?? I hate this. 

I'd say anxiety related. 

How long is a piece of string?

Everyone is different, there's no fast track way of feeling better - you've got no choice but to live through it.

Does your hospital offer any therapy? 

I had a day like this. Just felt “not right” but couldn’t really put my finger on it.  I was weak, a bit light headed, heart was racing and blood pressure was very low. I went to the ER thinking I had a clot somewhere, but they did all sorts of tests and scans and determined it was just very bad dehydration. They gave me IV fluids and my pulse & bp went back to normal and I felt better. I’m sure anxiety played a part in all of it, and once they told me it was something as simple as dehydration, I stopped panicking. 

It it doesn’t hurt to get that medical opinion if you’re feeling really off or that strange feeling continues. I hope you are feeling better by now. 

And congratulations on completing your radiation! You can rest assured that you’ve done everything you could to fight this!

I’ve had a few fainting episodes during treatment. Blood pressure low and I feel my heart is pounding too. after today I have 2 radiotherapy left and 2 overnights for brachy. Can’t wait til it’s over.