Is this normal? Lletz

I have a Lletz last week (Friday)  under GA. the whole procedure was fine. Over the weekend I had no bleeding at all and no pain. Since Tuesday I have had splitting sore heads, constantly shattered to the point that my eyes sting and lower back pain. Since yesterday I have had heavy heavy bleeding. When I say heavy bleeding I mean changing a pad every 1-2 hours. sorry to be graphic but the smell is horrendous as well. I feel that everyone can smell it although my husband assures me they cant. Is this normal, has anyone else experienced this?x

sorry if this question has previously been asked and answered x


It sounds extremely likely that you've got an infection. Get yourself down to the GPs as soon as possible - you'll need to get some antibiotics to clear it up. It seems to be quite common after LLETZ treatment, unfortunately.

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