Is this normal after colposcopy??


Well after having an high-grade abnormal cells result on the 30th January, I was then given an appointment for a colposcopy on the 3rd February.

Cue yesterday where I had my first colposcopy, which was very painful, she was very rough with the speculum which hurt and pinched a lot, then whatever the liquid was felt like it was burning skin away and then lots of prodding to get the biopsy. I rested for the rest of the day where I felt quite light headed and sick and then later that day the cramps started which I was told to expect.

However I am still in quite a lot of pain today. I have bad cramps, heavy bleeding and it hurts a lot when I go for a wee… Is this all normal?

Also can I have a bath? It only seems to talk about if you’ve had the lletz procedure but doesn’t say after the biopsy.

Thank you x

Hi I was exactly the same as you, I found the whole procedure excruciating. Felt really bad next day, stupidly went back to work 2 days after and suffered the rest of the week. take time to recover, not sure about bath can't remember what they said but I just showered. Hope you feel better soon x

I felt the same too for the most part. Wasn't fun :( I think showers are best for a couple of days. 

Thanks guys I wonder whether the fact I was at work the day after didn't help. I've got a doctors appointment today just to do an examination see how everything is. X