Is this Normal/Advise please

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I would like some help' I called to see if my results are back to be told some are back and they are still waiting on the hard copy (dont know what that means) Also said still waiting on the rest of the results... and at the moment they are being desgused at a MDT meeting and i will get a letter to tell me what treatment will be needed...

She was very short and blunt with me and would give me any more information..Then just hung up on me..


Feel Confused and upset...


Joni xxx

Also i have read on most web sites they only hold MDT if there is some sort of cance... is this correct

Sorry i may of posted this in the wrong place xx


Hi Joni, that seems very unfair to give you a half assed answer like that. I think this is the very reason they usually refuse to give any details over the phone. Did you speak to you actual consultant? If not, I would phone and ask to speak to him/her. Phone them back and tell them the conclusion you have come to due to their half-responsem surely that will force them to tell you a bit more, or at least when you should expect the letter.


I will try tomorrow she only works 9 till 3 i had asked last week if she could get him to call me back and she said he will not be able to as he is very busy and will not be ableto tell me anything as waitin for more result.. she is very rude the way she talks i find it difficult talking to her as she just cuts me off,, but i will give it ago xx

Oh no sorry to hear that you have had this response. The meeting doesn't always mean cancer but it probably does mean more treatment. If your cells are considered particularly troublesome then they may want to discuss further preventative treatment options such as more lletz.  However if they call you in to discuss your results I would take someone with you so you have a second ear to listen and to give support. Fingers crossed for you sweetheart xxx 

Hi Joni

I hope you get your answers soon. I think anything that is not a straightforward case goes to the MDT, for example if your smear does not match biopsy, either upscaled or downscaled or if the area is large/ higher up. Please try not to assume the worst. Try and draw from the fact that a team of highly trained people are consulting to give you the very best, and least invasive treatment if required. If it was me I would try and speak to the consultant and try and find out when the MDT is, and when you are likely to have a treatment plan in place. Perhaps invent a reason why you may need to go away soon and you would like to know the plan before then? Naughty but might jog them on a bit as they will not want you to linger if you need some form of treatment. 

Sorry it must be agony not knowing what is going on. Sending you a big hug


Thank you ladys,

I have been in to see my doctor as i have been a mess,,, my doctor has had a look on the system and has told me 2 biopsy are back 1 showing it was know good as cell was damaged the other he told me has been moved to high to server i thorght they were the same... anyway he said at the bottom of the letter it said some results waiting and mdt meeting to descuss... 

I want to thank you all for your response it really is helping seems to be the only place i cant get some sort of answers 

Good luck to all who is waiting

Joni xxxx

Oh joni, I'm sorry you're going through this, it's pants!  I'm not sure what tests you have had, but whatever they are, waiting for the results is horrible.  Every hour seems like a day, and every day feels like a week.  MDT meetings do not only discuss cancer.  My best friend is a Urologist and attends an MDT meeting every Tuesday.  She said the cases they discuss vary, some cancer, some others need other treatments, some need nothing.  The point of the meeting is so that ALL parties agree.  The Radiologist would be there if any scans have been done.  They will explain the results to all concerned, and at that time, and only at that time will everyone agree whether anything needs to be done.  I work in education and special needs, we hold MDT meetings about many children.  They are held in many areas of life now, and it just means that people talk face to face rather than one person sending an email, then they reply, then they emal someone else, etc, etc.

I have a cns (cancer nurse specialist) I can ring.  I don;t like her, but the secretary usually answers the phone, and then she either speaks to me, or talks to the consultant and then rings me back.  She is lovely.


Thank you for your response,

I do feel a bit better after reading your post' I have a appointment with my own GP as he has sent me for bloods also advised i will need to see a bowl spec,, This is because of all the problems may be linked he said...

I have only had biopsys done huni at the colposcopy they took six i think she said' but did say all my cervix was covered and would not do treatment there also had another doctor to come in and look just spoke to each other and i did hear them say carsenoma in situ to see if it has spread also hpv..but again they did not talk to me at all...

Anyway Thankyou all very much Good luck to you all and big Hugs