Is this an infection after LLetz

Really unsure what to do and there actually isn’t much online, I had a LLetz procedure over a week ago.

Honestly it went fine if not a little shocked by the whole thing and i went back to normal after it with very minimal cramping, pain or bleeding.

But the last few days ive been feeling quite sickly, and have had quite painful cramps particularly at night, the cramps actually feel similar to trapped wind with a few headaches and just generally feeling unwell.

Im wearing pads every day, at the moment (TMI coming up) its like yellow/brown water coming out and it smells like i dont even know, like meat or something :cold_sweat:

I have no idea if this is an infection or potentially im coming down with something else and wonder if people could shed some light on their experiences.

I dont want to waste the GPs time by calling them if its normal but also (ridiculously) I cant face someone looking in there just now, it all feels just very tender.

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Don’t ever feel like you’re wasting the gps time! I would ring the colposcopy dept (there should be a number on your lletzs info sheet) as they will get phone calls like this all the time and be able to advise you better. If you can’t get through call you gp and see what they think it’s better to be sure than not and will put your mind at rest too. I had my 2nd lletz just over a week ago think my period came at the same time as all I’ve had is period type blood with a few clots at the start. During my 1st lletz I noticed more of a watery pink/brown/yellow discharge never much of a smell unless I smelt the pad. Hope you get it sorted and feel better soon x


I went private so actually dont have a number to call. She did tell me to call GP if i think i have an infection

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Did you ge sorted ? Had Lletz a week ago and i was fine but now am in agony with abdominal pain and my upper back is even worse. My GP wouldnt see me, the colposcopy uni said to go see my GP so i went to a walk on clinic who gave me antibiotics even though i doesnt sound like an infection. No idea if i should be going to A&E if no better tomorrow