Is this a slow process?

After all the tests and scans etc they have landed me at 3C1. Quite a scary difference but I still feel perfectly healthy. After pushing back beginning treatments due to insurance precerts I begin Cisplatin with Keytruda Wednesday and radiation the same day. It’s only 5 chemo with 25 radiation and 4 brach after. Looks like standard treatment for Squamous cell carcinoma of cervix. I’m ready to get started and just knowing I have my appointments set and ready sure does make me feel more calm, funny right? 26 days since my first post. Geezzzz

Hi Debi, happy to hear news from you and good that you know your treatment and you will start soon. I started my treatment, I did 7 sessions of radio and one cisplatin. Till know the sides effects on my case, stomach pains because of cisplatin I think, and really tired but still able to do something in the house and take care of my baby.
Why you received also keytruda ? You will receive for a long time keytruda or only till you will finish the treatment with cisplatin?
Take care :hugs:

Heyyyy Im not exactly sure why my dr wants me to take the Keytruda other than just part of his plan for me. I know some take it for as long as 2 years but I will not know how long until I start on Wednesday. Just know it will be every 3 weeks. Hope you are feeling better really soon!!

Hi Debi, thank you for your answer :hugs:. Maybe you will let me know when you will know. Also to understand why I ask you, I will not repeat my story, histerectomy, stade 1B2, no limph nodes involved but SCC poorly differentiate G3 and LVSI because of this I was for a second opinion, and the doctor told that after I will finish the treatment radio + cisplatin to do also 6 sessions of carbo+taxo, all this because is G3 my type of SCC. In this moment I am in the situation to have 2 different opinions. Also I spoke with a lady from this forum and she told me about Keytruda, she had also G3 and was working the best.
You know what type of CC you have? Is scuamos cells, adeno, neuroendocrine ? Thanks a lot :hugs::hugs:

My cc is squamous cell carcinoma

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Hi Debi, thanks for your answer​:hugs:Let me know when you will find for how long you will receive keytruda? Thanks and take care :hugs:

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