Is this a slow process?

Hey there. Recently diagnosed with stage 1b3. Not sure about the staging as I have not had any MRI or PET yet. Just CT w/contrast. But my question is, does it take a long time to get scheduled for these tests and begin chemorad? Dr said i couldn’t do surgery due to size of tumor (6cm)? Would be doing 5 days a week for 5 weeks. Not sure what I’m gonna be doing but Keytruda was also mentioned. Just curious that if it takes awhile to get started ,would that mean it’s not a big deal? Seems like it is to me but what do I know??
Thank you for any info. Your posts have been both informative and hopeful to me. So glad I found this place! I am in Macon, GA USA area.

Hi there! I am in the US as well. I’d say they typically move rather quickly after diagnosis, however things can take some time to get in order. I know PET scans have to be approved by insurance, etc. I had a hyster initially bc they thought it was stage 1b. From time of cone biopsy to surgery it was 3 weeks. It was then determined I needed chemo/rads and that happened approx 7.5 weeks after surgery. Staging is so important bc it determines treatment so I’m sure they are making sure they stage you correctly. With chemo / rads route, radiation does take time. They do a simulation and the radiologist with determine your “plan” and that can take approx 2 weeks. There is some education that goes with the chemo aspect so that has to be scheduled. Labs, etc will need done. I required a medport so that’s a procedure that needs done as well. One day at a time and your healthcare team will do what’s best for you

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Thank you. If I don’t hear from anyone by Tuesday I will start making calls.

Have you scheduled with gyn onc or oncologist yet?

I saw oncologist Wednesday in Atlanta and he is the one who staged me at 1b3 and told me what tests he needed done and what course of treatment he wanted to do. He said he was going to have everything scheduled here so I didn’t have to make so many trips to Atlanta, which was nice

You should hear soon. They usually move pretty quickly. Did he say chemo / radiation?

He did. I’m afraid I don’t remember a lot of what he said. I had to go to appt alone and my mind was racing and I know I missed some info.

I totally get that!! I remembered half of what was said to me! You will get it figured out. I’m sure you will hear next week

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Thank you so much and I’ll be praying for your next scans to be good news!!

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Thank you… have my follow up visit Tuesday and pet scan Friday
Keep me posted on your treatment plan. I can share what I know / experienced

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Hi Debi, I will tell you my story, that maybe can help you. On 27 February this year I was diagnosed with cc, exocervical tumor, on the firts check was told me that the tumor has 1,5 cm. After I go to an oncologist on gyneco, he checked me and told me that the tumor has 3.7 cm in maximum point. I did a CT scan pelvis and abdominal and the tumor had 2,8 cm. They decided to do the surgery, radical histerectomy, including limph nodes to remove. After histerectomy, come also the histopatologyc result, not nodes involved, all clear, margyn clear, the tumor was only on cervix. They put me stage 1B2, but according to FIgo stage(2018) 1B3. In the same time they did also IHC analyse, to check some markers and see the subtype of the tumor. One marker came high. Because of this marker and because they found that was also LVSI involved, I am wanting to see what treatment they will give me: radio+chimio or… Also after surgery I did MRI and CT scan for my lung. All was ok. Hope that helped my story. I am scare to not come back and I am prepare to do all the treatments …Thanks :hugs:

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Thank you so much! Sounds like you had quite the roller coaster ride for sure. The waiting is hard but with people telling their stories for all of us to see what’s happening with others it’s making it so much easier so far 🩵

Hi Debi, yes the waiting is really hard, when you don’t know what will happen, what will come. In this moment I am waiting to see what will be my treatment postsurgery. Keep in touch for everything. :hugs::hugs:


I’m in the uk.
My tumour was 5 cm. I had 5 weeks of treatment.
I had chemotherapy radiotherapy and Brachy took a good few weeks to start the treatment plan. It’s tough but doable. Prepare your body to fight while you are waiting.
I will be 4 years post treatment in November.
Good luck on your journey.

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My tumor is 6cm and it sounds like I will have the same treatments as you from what my referral says. I go Thursday for first consult appt. Then schedule scans etc. What can I do to prepare my body? I’ve been trying to prepare!

I took lions main and chagga mushrooms, high strength vitamin C that goes straight to your cells and green superfood powder that I put in my smoothie. Just tell your consultant before you start I was allowed to continue through treatment. I took sweets with me when I went for chemo to help keep my mouth moist. Drink plenty as the radiotherapy may cause a UTI

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Thank you so much! I’m going to check these out :blush:

Hi, @Petal14 Happy to hear that you are healthy and ok after 4 years. Hope not bother you with some questions:
What type of cancer you had, SCC or adenocarcinoma ?
You did after treatment the surgery ?
What stage you had?
Thank you a lot for your answers. Your story give a lot of hope.

Hi there! Sorry you’re here but this is the place to be!! I’m from MN, and was diagnosed at IB3 in February. I had CT & MRI within a week of diagnosis who thought I was stage II. Pet scan took another couple of weeks and then met with oncologist who did an exam and confirmed it was stage IB3. I started chemo/rad on 3/11. Chemo every Monday and radiation 5 days a week for 5 weeks. I’m currently doing brachytherapy (have 1 left on Monday), then the wait until my next scan in 12 weeks. I’m here for any questions as we’re in the same stage together! :heart:

Hi @Arenae, the same stage 1B2/ 1B3 (new Figo) after histerectomy and histopatologic…I will start the treatment postsurgery in one week. My CC was SCC grade 3 highrisk and LVSI involved because that they recommended to do the treatment postsurgery. What type of CC you had ?
I feel afraid of this SCC grade 3….
Thank you :hugs::hugs: