Is the test for HPV a swab??


I am a little confused I recently went to the drs with abnormal bleeding (had my LLetz treatment in Jan 2014) after coming off of the depo injection in June. I persumed that the bleeding was down to hormonal changes with coming off the depo and hoped the dr would give me something to stop the bleeding. As I was due my follow up smear (was 2 months late due to the bleeding) the dr insisted on doing it then before discussing birth control. When the dr had a look she said she could see some granulated tissue on my cervix which was possibly causing the bleeding and took a swab at the same time for what she told me was thrush. I have been referred for a colposcopy on monday but was just wondering would the swab have been used to check for HPV too? as I rang my drs today and they only had results in for the swab and said it was clear!

Thanks x