Is stage 2b incurable?

The good old professor at the beatson did use the word cure but any time I see 2b posts I feel like I'm on borrowed time?? No offence to anyone in that position I guess it just scares me what the future might hold for me and my son more so him. The dreaded subject came up the other night with family and my mum had what I can only describe as the worst panic attack I've ever seen, it was horrific crying that her life would be over if I don't win this war. I guess this time of year although it should be happy brings up a lot of emotion. 


Charlene xx

Hi Charlene,

I don’t have an answer to your question. Just empathy. Hope you get some answers soon.


Hello Charlene.

Perfectly curable sweetheart! My 2b tumour was whipped out nine days after it was spotted and I haven't had a whisper of it back in three years. Yes of course I am still being watched like a hawk but so far, so robust. Now then, what made your mum do that then? A little bit too much festive spirit get her tired and emotional did it?

There are people here who have been told they are incurable. Please tell your mum that when somebody is incurable they are told as much and vice versa. I'm expecting both you and me to be here debunking myths about cancer a good twenty years from now :-)


Heaps of love


Hi Charlene,

I used to think the same as you, however I'm 18 months on and still going strong. I'm also friends with a woman who is 6 years down the line. I've been told before that when people out stage or any stage for that fact, have won the war they carry on with life and don't need these forums very much anymore and unfortunately there are some unlucky people who it returns to. It's perfectly normal to get scared I still have moments of panic now but am trying to carry on as life is for living as they say.


I think my mum has just become completely overwhelmed with the whole thing, she holds it together well and my 2b journey hasn't been the ordinary treatment either so she's watched me loose my hair also. Thank you so much guys. I feel better just knowing I can get passed this and watch my wee boy grow up. Doesn't help hat his dad is a disaster. Men eh love to see them cope with some of the stuff we do as women :). Xx

Hi again,

I can see how your hair-loss and your son's dad being less than perfect might give your mum a wobbly moment or two. And Laura had made a really valid point about people leaving the forum once they are better. It is precisely because this happens so much that I stick around.

Give your mum a great big hug from me and here's one for yourself too



Hi - I'm a newbie - due for a check on 6 Jan after being given the all clear in Dec 2012. I was stage 2b but for the past month I've been receiving lower back pain and tummy pain -all reminiscent of the first symptoms and I'm terrified it's returned. I'm 41 and my mum has not coped at all. my partner is very black and white and tells me "I'm cured"

That should have read Dec 2013 - sorry - thanks, Caroline x

Hi Caroline,

It's strange how new and obscure symptoms start to develop immediately preceding follow-up exams. I'm hoping that for you it is all psychosomatic, which is most often the case.

Be lucky


Thanks, Tivoli - you are probably right. 

Bw Cx 

Hey Charlene.  I was treated at the beatson this time last year. I had stage 2b cervical cancer and I am in remission so yes it is curable. Have you started treatment yet. I found the best way to get through the journey is to be positive and strong. I was having treatment over 8  weeks. 6 chemotherapy sessions 25 external radiotherapy and then 4 internal radiotherapy sessions.  I was given the all clear on wed 23rd April 2014 and went back to work full time in the nursery. I have made a lot of friends through treatment and we keep in constant contact with each other. It's great to talk to others who are going through the same journey. The staff at the beatson are fantastic and I have made a lot of friends with most of them. So look to the future you  Will beat cancer.  If you need to chat about anything I am here anytime

 Good luck 

janette m xx