Is something being missed?

Hi everyone

Bit of background:  I had LLETZ treatment for severe dyskaryosis roughly 12 years ago under GA (as there was quite a lot and in a 'difficult' place to access apparently) I cannot remember if it was CGIN or CIN as I was quite young and had no experience of smears etc prior to that and didn't know a lot about it.  I have had various normal and mild changes smears since then.  I had a smear 2 years ago which showed mild changes and high risk HPV.  I was referred for colposcopy and she took a biopsy - nothing to report but apparently I do have an erosion.

Now:  I have had a smear almost two weeks ago and have had bleeding since.  This is very unusual for me as I had a coil fitted 3-4 years ago and have not had a period since.  I am exhausted all the time and have backache / constant discharge and thrush / always needing a wee (have also had issues with not making the loo in time - although I’m not sure it would be bad enough to class as incontinence might just be a weak pelvic floor and not getting to the loo in time TMI!!!)

My worry is that something was missed / not everything was removed all those years ago - specifically glandular cells further up the cervical tunnel.  I spoke to my GP about my concerns and his response was:

"Generally all cells further up the canal are fine - it's only when they migrate down to the outer surface of the cervix is when it can be a problem"  

Now I'm not sure this is right is it?  Glandualar cells are very different to Squamous cells to my knowledge.  I'm concerned that something is being missed?  What can I do to push things a bit further?  I'm just not sure I trust the smears - maybe I'm just being a great big hypochondriac but getting so worried!

Sorry for the essay guys!





I'm in a similar boat (hugs!!) I'm a long time hpv person as well. Your symptoms could be lots of things, but I would defo ask to be referred to a gynae... pee is not acceptable for someone to have to put up with, caused by something serious or not. When was your last colposcopy? Did anything show up then?



Hi Spacebunny,
I've just had smear results as High Grade Dyskaryosis & HPV - will be booked in for colposcopy in the next couple of weeks x
How are you doing?