Is one LOOP usually enough?

Hi guys,
I’m Fiona, was 25 in May, I had my first smear in June (2012) which resulted in moderate dykosis, I then went for a colposcopy in August (was out the country when I got smear results which is why it took a while) and had to have a LOOP excision, my results were CIN3 cells but I was released from the clinic and told to have six monthly smears with my gp. However, I am currently living and working in Thailand, so when my next smear is due in Feb I will be getting it done out here. Basically I can get a smear test at a private hospital and it won’t cost me too much, however, looking in to the cost of a colposcopy exam and/ or loop excision it costs around a grand!! So I’d be better off flying home and having it done which seems a bit dramatic but obviously my health is my priority.
I know it’s impossible to predict what my results will be exactly but does anyone know if it’s common that after one LOOP excision, another one would be required in six months time? Mainly because my cells were CIN3 I’m a little more concerned. If it’s more common for just a smear after six months that would make life a lot easier.
Sorry if this is a pointless post, I guess noone can predict my results, I’m just in a dilema whether to save to book flights home or to be hopeful I only need a smear and stay and travel around Thailand which is the whole point of me being here.
I’d really appreciate any knowledge on this and thanks in advance for any replies :slight_smile:

I hope you are enjoying Thailand you lucky lady!

I've just had cin3 removed by LLETZ - my consultant said he would do a colp and smear at six months - he would paint on the solution again to check there werent any pesky cells left. He said his experience is around 2% of girls need another loop.
Unfortunately there is no way to tell if you are in the unlucky few! I wonder if it world be cheaper just to have to colp out there - would give you more reassurance and it's unlikely you would need another loop
Take care
Cat x