is no news good news?

Had lletz two weeks ago on Thursday and biopsys sent of do people think if I've not herd anything yet that's a good sign? People on here who av been diagnosed with CC seem to get called after a week so can I rest my mind? As the wait is driving me insane x

Couldn't help myself called up for results n secrety said I'll look for u then came bk not said there here but I can't tell u what they are you'll recieve a letter soon is it normal for em not to tell u over phone? X

I had biopsies taken last Monday with no treatment called them on Monday gone and I was told the same

the receptionist isn't medically trained so she wouldn't tell me anything xx

Do u think if it was bad news they'd ring wouldn't they not send a letter? X

Iv no idea to be honest? I know some who had a call others have a letter sent out asking them to go back to discuss their results, it's enough to

dribe you mad! Xx

Ladies - its easy to drive yourself crazy waiting for results, it's very distressing.  In most situations, nurses or other staff are not allowed to give you results as that is not within their remit, it is usually the doctors who give results, given the sometimes delicacy of their nature.

In my opinion, having waited for many a result throughout this journey, it doesn't matter how good or bad the outcome of a test/mri/biopsy etc, the waiting time is just the same.  I don't think with CC there's an immediate rush or panic to give out results as this is a slow growing cancer and  a week or  two isn't going to make any difference to the outcome.  Also in my opinion, tests etc  related to any cancer, are given a sort of priority over, say tests for minor illnesses, so that the tests are progressed without any delays in the process.  That is the experience I've had anyway.  

I know it's easy to say 'don't worry' so I won't!   as all the ladies on here would probably agree - that is so not helpful!

Hope you get good news.