Is mild dyskaryosis the same as CIN1

Hi all

Just a bit confused but I had a smear test and a letter back saying that i am HPV positive (for the second year running) with mild dyskaryosis. Colposcopy is now tomorrow (its been a long wait). I was just wondering is mild dyskaryosis CIN1 as i see that term used on here. Is the CIN staging specifically reserved for the results of the colposcopy?

Thanks all for your help.


I hope you are doing well and got good results. I saw your post and gound it similar to my own situation.

My letter stated HPV ( high risk on my medical records though one eould assume it is all high risk). I have 'low-grade dyskaryosus) and waiting 4 gruelling months for my Colposcopy date which is July … Terrified as not had a period in 4 months despite being on the pill. Was unofficially diagnosed with endomotriosis years ago so i am no stranger to pain. It has certainly upped the ante in the last 6 months. Mind us shot really. I really wish you the best and hope that you are getting well treated! X

Hi DediDee
Yes everything went ok with the colposcopy. The nurse? Who did the colposcopy said that there were no areas to take a biopsy of. I take that as a good result but i am still Hpv positive and cells can change. The thing is my nexy colposcopy is six months time (hopefully) so if there are any pre cancer cells visible then they can be dealt with. Meanwhile i am taking vitamins and AHCC to try to get rid of the HPV.

One thing you could do is ring up the hospital to see if there are any short notice cancellations. They could put you on a list and you may get an earlier appointment and it saves that appointment going to waste.

I am really pleased that they are monitoring it and that you didn’t need a biopsy.

Thank you so much for your advice as I didn’t think of calling as an option, so I will try it.

The waiting is certainly tortorous throughout all of this!

You look after yourself and sending hugs!

I felt the same and decided that the stress i was feeling would only make things worse. Thats why i rang and asked for a cancellation. She took my details but i didnt expect to hear from her, half expecting my details to get lost. I did impress upon her that i was hpv 16 so whether thst made any difference i am not sure. Give it a try and keep in touch.