Is LLETZ with top hat a surgery treatment or a biopsy

It doesn't seem clear on line anywhere !


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This is not my field of expertise by a long chalk, but I don't think there are too many people hanging round here today so you will probably just have to put up with me :-)

To the best of my understanding, from what I have read by some of the other women here who have had this treatment, it's a bit of both. A piece of cervix is removed and that is then taken away and tested in a lab to see precisely what kind of abnormality the cells have. In a lot of cases all of the abnormal cells are removed during this procedure so that makes it a treatment. What I didn't know until very recently is that apparently the procedure can also trigger the cervix into sorting itself out. I'm guessing that the 'injury' triggers the body's repair system which replaces the abnormal cells with healthy ones. Hopefully someone with more expertise will come along soon enough to help.

Very best wishes to you both and I hope you manage to enjoy your Christams.

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Hi Tivoli, yes xx a Christmas Eve treatment is a particularly horrible Christmas time thing to have scheduled


Thanks for your help x merry Christmas !!!

Basically like Tivoli said its a bit of both. a Lletz can be both treatment and diagnostic. they will send any removed tissue to pathology for testing. Usualy you have an idea of what they are expecting to find. like when you see posts confirmed cin3 that is after the lletz and pathology they have confirmed what they seen at colposcopy. I was diagnosed with CC from the lletz but from what i know this is relatively common with my type of cancer.My original biopsies came back clear for cancer however I was fully aware that the lletz was being done as he was fairly certain there was under lying cancer. What im trying to say is in most cases the colposcopy gives you an idea of what to expect they will tell you what they expect the outcome to be.


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