Is LLETZ used to diagnose cc?



I'm waiting for the results of my LLETZ and I'm rather confused by the whole thing.


Background- I had my first smear early at the age of 24 after seeing my GP about bleeding and pain after intercourse. They said everything looked fine and it was just one of those things.


Three years later, at age 27, I had a routine smear. Results came back just over a week later I think saying that I have high grade dyskarosis and that I needed to have a colposcopy.


Had the colposcopy a couple of weeks later and she said straight away that she could see something and that id need to come back a month later to have a LLETZ. This is where I start to get confused, I'd thought she said that it wasn't cc and the LLETZ was just to remove abnormal cells.


Had the LLETZ and was then told that they couldn't say for sure that it's not cc until the results come back. It's been a little over three weeks since the LLETZ and I am driving myself mad wondering if the outcome could be cc. Would the colposcopist or the person doing the LLETZ have been able to tell whether it's cc or is impossible to tell during the procedures and they have to have the test results to know for definite? I seem to get the impression from other peoples posts that they were told at their colposcopy / LLETZ appointment that they had cc.


Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Hannah,

I had to have Lletz after my first smear because it came back high grade dyskaryosis. I am pretty sure that you have not got CC firstly because if they

thought that CC was present at your original colposcpy they would of treated you right away or got you treated very quickly not asked you to come back in a month.

And secondly if CC is found from the LLetz you would be called back very quickly normally within a week. So the fact it has been 3 weeks and you havent heard anything is a very good sign.

It is most probably that the abnormal area was CIN 2 or 3 and you will be asked to go for another smear in 6 months time to make sure all the abnormal cells have been removed.

I had CIN 3 and i waited 3 and a half weeks for my Lletz results. You could always give the colposcopy clinic a call and ask if they have the results yet.

Hope this helps

The short answer is yes, a lletz can be diagnostic in some cases. My let was really just a way of getting a larger biopsy and I was then diagnosed adenocarcinoma. However, usually those results do come back to you fairly quickly when there is a cancer diagnoses I waited 2 weeks for mine. I would say no news is good news but then I waited 6 weeks for my smear results and they came back cgin. It is unlikely though and most probably just abnormal cells that will have been treated by the lletz unfortunately it's one of those things and the waiting is just horrible. I hope your results are clear. Take care Charlene xx

I'm unsure about this one, i had LLETZ in 2008 for what i was told at the time was CIN2, 2 weeks later i got a call to say it was cervical cancer, hope your results turn out to be ok


Mandy xx