Is it too early to get signs?


I'm 2 weeks finishing brachy and all my treatment. I noticed part way through last week I was waking up after 2 hours drenched in a river of my own sweat, pillow soaked through. Of an evening I'm also getting what I feel hot flushes for 30sec come over me throughout the evening. Is this the big 'm'? 

If so is it too soon to ask my gp for hrt? My cc wasn't due to hormones. If it is OK to take are there any you would recommend or ones to stay away from? Tablets over patches? 

I had chemorads so still have my uterus etc...Chenobal-Ed none the less. 

Should me and my husband use contraception? But I was under the impression the zapping both internal and external has literally made me what life on Mars is described as being - highly unlikely. 

Also should we be using condoms because... Well I don't know?! All these questions.


Welkome to menopauze ? 

 I am not on HRT yet but will be discussing it at my next follow up appointment in August because i have no libido and hrt could help with that.


I was told to use condoms the first 6 months after treatment to prevent an infection. Didn't have sex till 7 months after treatment though 


I'm feeling like the Hulk at the moment. Hot flushes and night sweats already. 

No sex drive... Not really a problem BUT my... Bean... Clitoris isn't as responsive... I mean not at all. Nothing. I don't know how I'm. Actually going to tell the doctor this one! 


Izzy-why wait til August? If you have symptoms go to the doctor. I actually feel I could commit murder. I know its hormonal because it's how I felt just before a period. 

I'm afraid there is a high possibility it might be. Mine started half way through external radio and it was what you are experiencing - hot flashes for 30 seconds to 1minute at a time and difficulty sleeping cuz my temperature kept fluctuating so much.

I am on the patch (eostrogen) and the progesterone pill since they ran out of the combination patch I started with (evorel conti). I would say the only difference is in how much you want to think about your HRT. patch is changed twice a week and tablets are every day.

Using condoms really all depends on your personal preference. My fear is that condoms would cause more friction than a penis, so when i can eventually have sex again I know what choce I'll be making. lol.