Is it really hormones!

Hi everyone

So I've been on the pill pretty much all my adult life from 16 to 37 now. I stopped for a year and a half while trying for my son but when straight back on for hormonal reason after he was born.

I have been on Cerezette for the last 7 years, it has stopped my periods and I can only remember one or two occasions when I have a small amount of spotting. All my smears have been fine too.

Fast forward to last year and the spotting got more frequent, I knew my smear was due so come October I had that and all came back clear. Bleeding again so i saw the doctor who referred me for a trans vaginal ultrasound, all clear too, so hormones and the pill it is. 

I've never had bleeding during sex or after until today, we stopped half way through because I started to bleed, sooke to my doctor again who still says its hormonal and the pill I take.

Why would this suddenly start!!!!

I'm terrified its cancer!

I'm thinking coming off the pill is the only way I will know for sure, my doctor wants me to make an appointment with her to discuss other pill options but I'm thinking this is the only way........what do you all think?

Much love xxx