Is it possible for them to find cc after LLetz

Hi I had my colosp and biopsy done and just said high grade and some treatment needed I'm booked

in for LLetz 9th April under ga as I suffer panic

attacks they said it would be better for me to have ga . I am assuming no cc was found as letter didn't say but is there a chance the LLetz will say different ? A tad worried :(

ty for any replies x

Hi Panda76, 

I can't give you an answer but Im worried about the same thing. I had my second colposcopy and they did punch biopsy came back as CIN3. I am booked in for Lletz under GA on 7th May and I'm worried  it will show up that it is either more advanced or that it is more than the patch they have said. I've been googling,  which I know is a no no really but keep coming back to this website. Hope someone can answer for us. 

Hi, I had LLETZ treatment on 7Jan14, I also at the time thought this will be it, one blast and its all sorted! I was wrong but that doesn't mean to say it will be the same for you, after my friend had LLETZ she was clear. Im fine with any needles, treatment etc, it took about 20 mins all in all, you do get a sensation at the time of a very heavy period as they use a little pressure, they may take further biopsies as well to check everything. My mum did drive me home after although I felt fine, I was at work the following day, I just felt sore afterwards for a week or so and had to miss out on a spa the end of the month as you have to avoid baths, swimming, etc for a month afterwards.  Good luck, hope all goes well.

Cath X

May 13 Abnormal Smear, July 14 Colposcopy, Sept 14 further colposcopy & ultrasound, Dec 13 Further colposcopy & further ultrasound, Jan 14 LLETZ treatment, 4Feb14 Diagnosed with endometrial cancer, 9th February MRI Stage 1a1, 6th March total abdo hysterectomy, recently told further ca (adenoma carcinoma - microscopic) 1b1 foundin cervix area, lymph node op needed then radiotherapy - awaiting appts

Hoya lovely hope you're well, as you know I'm booked in for my Lletz under GA on Wednesday now the actual day is coming up at high speed I'm worried sick

more so about the actual getting put under then anything else, I do believe if a biopsy shows CIN then that's all it is now I'm no expert so don't take that as gospel but if it were 

CC surely this would show on the actual biopsy? I could be completely wrong but that's what I think 




Hi Lola 

ur a week before me ! Will be thinking of you lovely please message me when u feel upto it and let me know how it went .and I hope ur right my mind is working over time thinking they will find more at the Lletz ! xx