Is it ok to get pregnant?

Hi Guys

I had my Colposcopy and Lletz treatment 3 weeks ago and came back CIN3 but all cells removed. I have my Smear test in Feb, but was just wondering whether anyone knew if I can start trying for a baby nw or am I best to wait until after my next smear?


Maybe have a chat with your GP and see what they advise? 

When they do the next smear (if you're in the UK in are where HPV testing is in place) they'll either send you back to routine screening if the result is normal with no HPV. Or if there is HPV or an abnormality they're likely to send you back to colposcopy. That said, most women don't have any further problems after LLETZ.

Maybe chat to your GP, that might help with your decision?

All the best to you.

Thank you Twilight
My last smear showed I have the HPV infection so i guess there is a risk of the cells becoming CIN in the future (is that right - not sure how it all works). So if i had HPV infection before my LLetz i will still be positive for HPV as they are unable to get rid of this, is that correct?
we were planning on trying for a baby before this whole thing started and now we are not sure whether we have to wait until the next smear in February, I will check with my GP.

thank you x


My consultant did mention it would be better to wait until a clear smear before trying, but it wasnt the end of the world if we didnt. They keep a close eye on you during and its doubtful anything would progress that quickly.

When you have a LLETZ it should get rid of the HPV virus (fingers crossed) so hopefully on your next smear you will be negative for HPV

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Good Morning,

Just to let you know that I had CIN3 and had the LLETZ treatment, I had a couple of clear smears and then I had CIN1 and then CIN2 and was told it was ok (even at that stage) if I got pregnant. They knew we were trying so said they would follow up with me every 6 months and if I got pregnant in the meantime that they would schedule my appointment for after the baby was born. Unfortunately, I've had to get the treatment a second time now so we'll see where we stand now. I would say maybe just call them and make sure it's ok to go ahead as I am sure everyone is different though. I'll keep everything crossed for you and *babydust* :) X

Hi Ladies
My doctor rang up the consultant for me and they have said they would like me to wait to get pregnant until the results of my next smear which is in february :( So baby plans are on hold for the time being. x
Thank you all for your replies x