Is it ok to delay colposcopy?

In a pap smear a few weeks ago, abnormal cells were found and I was told I have a low-grade squamous lesion. What I need to know is, how long should I wait to have a colposcopy? I'd like to delay it until early January if there's not a good reason to hurry up and do it now. Did others here postpone theirs?

I had the pap smear around mid-November. We had scheduled a colposcopy for later this week (which was a little less than 4 weeks after the pap), and it would've been sooner but I was on my period and we decided to wait until after. I discovered I will have to pay for this as I've not met my insurance deductible for this calendar year, and it makes sense to wait until early January so any costs I pay for it can go towards my 2019 deductible (I was just told by my gp last Friday I may need a couple of MRIs for other problems, so I will probably easily met my deductible next year, at which point insurance will kick in to cover tests/physical therapy I'm likely to need -- again, unrelated to my pap smear, I've got lots of health issues). I know this is a UK forum and insurance costs don't figure into it in many discussions here, but I just wanted to explain why I wanted to postpone. There's no way to know what it would cost beforehand -- it could be as low as $115 if the dr. doesn't do a biopsy, but from the nurse's description, I think it's likley she will. Which ups the cost to about $165, then there will be costs for pathology (testing at the lab). No idea whatsover what that will cost. Again, I'd gladly pay it to get this over with if it's remotely urgent, but if not, if I wait just a month the amount I pay will at least help me meet my deductible faster, as I will need some other testing next calendar year. Could easily mean saving $200-$300 if this amount goes on to my deductible.

When I asked the receptionist at my doctor's office if it would be a problem to postpone another month, at first I was told the doctor prefers to do the colposcopy within 3 weeks of the abnormal pap. Then the receptionist asked the nurse about my case and was told it could wait until January. Should that be safe, or should I worry that's too long to wait?

I was initially mentally prepared to do it this week, so waiting will probably mean anxiety building. But all the searching I've done online trying to find out how quickly you really need to have the colposcopy for a low-grade abnormal pap smear has really gotten me anxious, and I wasn't before. Most people seem to have done it within two or three weeks of the result, unless it was a case where they had to wait for an appointment for longer on the NHS (I used to live in England, I'm familiar with how it works and you sometimes have to wait for testing). Though I also read things that made me wonder if I really need the colposcopy at all.

Not sure what to do, if it really should be done right away I'll go ahead and do it now without thinking twice. If it can wait, I'd really rather wait a month so that I can let the payment chip away at my deductible for next year.

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