Is it normal

Is it normal to not know what stage you are until you get an mri scan as I know nothing other than I have it and it’s scaring me even more 

Hi - sorry to hear this but yes it is normal not to know what stage you are until they do scans. They will need to see what size the tumour is and whether it is spreading into the parametrium and this will determine the stage. They  will probably look at a CT scan to see if lymph nodes are enlarged (meaning cancer has spread to them). 

Once they have all the information they will be able to stage you and advise the best treatment. 

i know it’s hard not too worry but remember they can quite often successfully treat this cancer and people do survive it and you could still be in the early stages. 


Good luck x 

Thank you for your reply, I’m just all over the place with hearing the news and not knowing how bad it is is messing my head completely and I’ve now started to think when I had my c section 3 months ago would that have disturbed it 

I’m sorry I can’t say anything to make it easier for you. The truth is until they do all the tests even the doctors won’t know your staging. 

I don’t think a caesarean would disturb it as the cut would be higher up than the cervix. I know it’s hard not to worry but hopefully it won’t be too bad. 

Hello good people

I'm very new to this group and also very newly diagnosed with CC. I cannot come to terms with accepting this as I was screened in October and was pap said cin2 then a punch biopsy was done a week later and It was confirmed cin2. I then went to gynea onco who did a lletz for me and results on Jan 2018 that's 3 months later and that now confirmed CC stage 1B. how is this so...what are my options now...the gynea onco says radical hysterectomy and I was considering radical trachelectomy ..Dr does not support my decision ..why

It’s totally normal to not know how advanced the cancer may be until you’ve had mri, other may have a pet cat scan. This allows a more details look at what’s going on and also so they give an accurate staging, this allow the Mdt (multi disciplinary team) drs, nurses, oncologists, specialists nurses, radiographer etc to decide on the best treatment plan based on those images. sending you for a scan is perfectly normal, don’t read into it it doesn’t mean they know something you don’t, as I felt like this a few times :). Charlene xx

Thank you charlene, I had my mri scan today it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be so now just waiting for the results and my staging then I can get to my next step of getting better. I don’t feel as over the place this week xxx

Glad it wasnt as bad as you thought, you do start to feel better the more action is taken. My first scan was a pet scan And after she put the iv thing in, I had a huge panic attack. Think it was the realisation they were checking my whole body. 2 week wait? Hardest bit but they should have stage and plan by the time you go back and then you feel like harry potter with the amount of mail that comes through the door haha! xx

Hi Michelle,

i was a 1b adenocarcinoma, so that cancer that is not easily picked up on smears. Possibly what you have.

theyll only consider a trachelectomy if you have a desire to have children.  So if you don't then it's likely to be a hysterectomy. If you do, then you need to push for it.  I was booked in for a hysterectomy, whcih was cancelled and I was then referred elsewhere for the trachelectomy.