Is it normal to not have a smear after CIN 3

Hi i had hight grade CIN3 removed back in 2014 , my question is is it normal not to have been given a smear test since? Ive started bleeding again inbetween periods, im always in pain, ive found a lump inside my vagina, my periods have got so bad i cant stand up, it hurts to go to the toilet when im on to the point im crying, i have very painful legs while on and just started getting period pain in my rib and left side, sounds crazy but it true lol, everytime i google it (which i do alot)it basically tells me everything i dont want to hear, ive been to see a new doctor today and ive finally been referred bk to the gyno at the hospital, but my anxiety is killing me off and im struggling to get things done, im just a worrying wreck x