Is it normal to assume the worst?

I am waiting for staging. I have pretty much cried all day fearing the worst. That it will have spread and nothing can be done.

I have a 19 month old and I am scared of leaving her.


Hi there. 

Sorry to hear you have had a bad day. It's only natural that we tend to think the worst. While was waiting I went from thinking the worst possible scenario to thinking perhaps they had made a mistake and there was nothing actually nothing wrong with me!

I don't know your situation regarding the events leading up to your diagnosis,  but just give your little girl a hug and know that everything will be OK.

Much love & hugs


Hi Sweetpea,

It is 100% normal to fear the worst. In the vast majority of cases things are better than our imagination imagines. 

Hugs Rachel x

Hi Sweetpea

It really is normal to think the worst i had written myself off waiting for results, what you have to thknk is it is unlikely  to spread everywhere.  Once you get all your rresults and staging it will get easier as you will know what your dealing with.  Mine in the end us a 1b1 so its a hysterectomy for me as i have had my family.  Try and not to worry as its very treatable  and cureable. 


Christine  x

Thanks all, I appreciate your replies immensely although I'm still worrying xx

Absolutely normal. I was convinced I had 6 months to live ........ 16 months ago. I think in a funny way it's your minds way of protecting you. Think the worst and then be pleasantly surprised when it's not as bad as you have imagined. Xx

Hi everyone  I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year aged 26 had to have a historectomy but they left my ovaries in because of my age. 6 months ago I started experiencing tummy pains I went to the doctors on a number of ocasions and was told it was a uti,kidney stones,a pulled muscles last week I went back to the doctors and saw a different doctor who examined me and looked concerned so she sent me for blood tests I had a emergency ultra scan and she told me I have a 5cm cyst on my right overy but it doesn't have a blood supply but there White spots in it ??? She has sent of my results to my gyno and as asked me to contact him and make a sooner appointment xxxx

Thanks 365days. I think because everyone was convicted it wouldn't be the worst in the first place and it is, my optimism is waning.


Kelly I'm sorry you're having to go through this again. Hopefully you can see someone soon and they will have some answers for you x