Is it meant to be green?

Doctor Doctor theres this lovely green discharge, is that normal....


I am seeing one of the best Gynies in the country and I do trust him but I had my cone Biopsy done last tuesday and the past few days I have had a green discharge, it doesn't smell nor is it puss'y, but really watering. I don't have a fever and I am very bubbly so not feeling unwell, just total cabin fever from not doing anything since surgery, I am a horsey girl so hard not to do anything.

Anyway I called my consultants Sec and she said not to worry and to leave everything be and said not to bother with anti biotics , but I am worried its the weekend and I am like why on earth have I got green discharge, I cant find anything else on here and just wondering if any one else has had this?

Kia xx

After my LLETZ, I was told I might get a green/brown/black discharge from the solutions they paint on to be able to see where the abnormal cells are. If you don't have pain, there is no bad smell and you don't have a fever, I don't think I'd worry too much at this stage, but if you get any other symptoms that worry you, it's probably be an idea to go get it checked out. All the best!